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Team names for Alexander Cabatic

XMX Racing p/b Valley Children's Hospital Central CA 15
Off The Front 10
Ascend Sportswear p/b Steven s Bicycles 6
Fulton Racing 6
Cycle viloce: simple green race team 4
XMX race team P/b valley children's hospital 4
Off the front (clovis) 3
Fulton Racing Team 3
Ascend Sportswear p/b Stevens Bicycles 3
Cycles Veloce- Team simple green 3
Team Simple Green/Cannondale/S 2
Team Simple Green/Cannondale/Stage21 2
XMX Race Team 1
XMX racing p/b valley children 1
XMX Racing Team 1
Ascend Racing p/b Steven's Bicycles 1
Cycles Veloce 1
Cycles Veloce p/b Simple Green 1