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USAC Upgrade Points

This is our interpretation of the USAC Upgrade Points calculations.

DISCLAIMER #1: This calculation assumes that ALL racers in a given category count toward the "starters" count for upgrade points; that is, in a 3/4 race with 30 starters, cat 4 upgrade points will be based on 30 riders, but cat 3 upgrade points should only be based on the number of Cat 3's in the race; however the query to calculate that is A FREAKING NIGHTWARE so we calculate both at 30 riders. So basically, we award more upgrade points than we should in this case. Just so ya know.

DISCLAIMER #2: This includes masters races, unsanctioned races, OBRA races, Collegiate races, training races, ETC. Do these count for upgrade points? Depends who you ask. You should not use this list as anything more than a starting point for considering who might be due for an upgrade. If you go calling someone out on the internet based on this page, before clicking their profile and engaging your COMMON SENSE, the gods of snap judgement will strike you down with a flat tire in the final k of the next race you enter. You have been warned.
Upgrade points in the last months for within miles of zip code
Jacob Dodge ECE / I Ride 4 David 67
Jared Babik TEAM GPOA 59
Erkko Etula CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 51
Ivan Carmargo Rockland Development Program 44
Keegan Ortiz Hilltop Racing Team 44
Dean Pierson Ocean Velo Club / Culver and Pierson Housing Solutions 42
John Gracely NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 40
Haakon Sheffield Good Guys Racing p/b highwaterwomen.org 39
Gavin Blair 4D Racing 34
Nick Springer NCVC/UnitedHealthCare 34
Steve Bedilion Freddie Fu Racing 34
Nathan Cusack Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 34
Bryan Roeper District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 33
Laszlo Vasko La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 33
Nathan Kerchensky Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med-ProBike and Run 33
Eric Moon Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli 33
Quinn Colwell ETP Cycling 33
Taylor Hayek Total Civil Construction 33
Jason Zimmerman Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med-ProBike and Run 32
Wyatt Vigilante FFR - Hammerfest 32
Edward Leonard La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 31
Michael Zagorski Roy & Associates Racing 31
Jonathan Nelson NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 29
Konner Wisniewski Unattached 29
Jon Carroll Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med-ProBike and Run 29
Tofik Beshir Kelly Benefits Cycling 28
Cole Berko UMD Cycling 28
Yechiel Moseson CRCA Blue Ribbon 28
John Papadakis Baltimore Youth Cycling 28
Jhoan Caicedo CRCA/Dave jordan elite road team 28
James Franco Skylands Cycling 28
Lance Henninger University of Pittsburgh / Project Pedal 28
James Joseph Ws united /sprintime 28
Chandler Evans Miller School 28
Enzo Edmonds Hot Tubes Development Cycling 27
Caleb Maxham Velocious Sport 27
Jacob Barrick Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 27
Jo Evers Unattached 27
Kyle Konopnicki THR Cycling 27
Frank Shewmaker Redshift Racing 26
Patrick Mohl Otterhaus/K&F Construction 26
Hays Edmunds Roanoke College 26
Stefan Gissler Total Civil Construction 26
Jesus Tuy Latinos Unidos Cycling Team 26
Spencer Weisgram Army West Point Cycling 26
Frankie Ross Sette Nove 25
Adrian Groman DC Velo Limited/dc devo Racing Academy 25
Matteo Fulghieri UNC CHAPEL HILL 25
Josh Moore Atlantic Velo 25
Eziel Hernandez Independent 25
Jeff Chun Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor 25
Austin Meyer CRCA/Rubber n' Road 25
David Bonser Gotham Cyclists 25
Oscar Emilio serech chan Verrazano Team Racing p/b NYTri.org 24
Ting Shen DistrictTaco Racing 24
Bobby Stemper CRCA/RUBBER N ROAD 24
Peter Gunn CRCA / Team VESELKA 24
Nick Boyd Hilltop Racing Team 23
John Stoveld Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 22
Willy De la cruz JDprocycling 22
Xaven Monsalud Kelly Benefit Strategies Cycling 22
Justin Wheeler Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team 22
Stuart Pomeroy Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 22
Timothy Herman CFL/TEAM BIKE DOCTOR 22
Wolf Whalley Verge Sport 22
John Killeen CRCA/Foundation 22
Jacob Gramlich National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare 22
James Elish NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 22
Connor Williams DistrictTaco Racing 22
Philip Jen Linea Racing p/b Sun & Air 21
Elias Bradbury bradbury bros 21
Riley Haugen US Naval Academy 21
Jonah Lantzy Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med-ProBike and Run 21
Kyle Benson 3 Laps 21
Christopher Schell Benissimo 21
Ethan Morris DC Velo Limited/dc devo Racing Academy 21
Andre Gates Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 21
Stephen Guyon Oceanic 21
Satchel Kim GEORGETOWN 21
Ben Brown CRCA/To Be Determined 21
Andre Matias DistrictTaco Racing 20
Zachary Atala Wake Forest Cycling Team 20
Trevor Grohowski SHIPPENSBURG 20
Chris Prendergast Jamison Cannondale 20
Matthew Robinson Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 20
Brent Hinkle ActiveYards / Specialized 20
Owen Hancock Cleveland Cycling Academy 19
Zach Kuster Now&Later 19
Blake Herbold DC Velo Racing 19
Adam Mcneeley Virginia Tech Cycling Team 19
Thomas Carey ECE Racing Team 19
Tom Corrigan ETP Cycling 19
Tae Min hong East End Cycling Club 19
Christopher Khanoyan Route One Velo 19
John Spittal ActiveYards / Specialized 19
Grant Carter Us Military 19
Luke Kikstra 1 Lap 19
Andrew Frommer District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 19
Jamie Fleming Cleveland Cycling Academy 19
John Kruegler Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee 19
Mason Shirey Team Skyline ELITE 18
Daniel Baysinger Rock Creek Velo 18
Briton John We Stand United 18
Robert Orr QCW p/b Cadence Cycling 18
Timothy Isle Bigfoot Endurance Racing Team 18
Adem Aricanli Princeton University 17
Jeremy Gworek Twin Line Velo / Ide Family of Dealerships 17
Andre Campbell CAR6ON RACING 17
Andrew Vine Summit Freewheelers 17
Cadence Stephens Velocious Sport 17
Joseph Manacchio Guy's Racing Club 17
Nate Sovek NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 17
Ross Palazzo Haymarket SEAVES 17
Jerry Kapko Deno's WonderWheel Masters Team 17
Caden Freyre TTEndurance Junior Devo. 17
Joseph Flynn CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 17
Kory Kruse CRCA / Team VESELKA 17
Will Owen MILLIGAN 16
Baker Donahue CRCA/To Be Determined 16
Keith Siklenka Golden Sports Race Team 16
Brady Kincheloe Velocious Sport 16
Vincent Smarrelli Unattached 16
Juan David fonseca solano Bicycle habitad-verge sport 16
Javier Burgos Hilltop Racing team 16
Brandon Mak Brandon MAK 16
Jayden Li Title 16
Noah Koppenhaver SHIPPENSBURG 16
Blaise Misztal Redshift Racing 16
Larssen Alcerro Hilltop Racing Team 16
Evan Coleman DC Velo Limited/dc devo Racing Academy 16
Brian Marchionini DC Velo Limited 16
Juan Andres ocampo Hilltop Racing Team 16
Ruben Gonzalez US Military Academy 16
Trimane Goddard Phase Cycling 16
Luke Manning ETP Cycling 16
Cameron Garoutte Resilient Racing 16
Nolan Church Miller School of Albemarle 16
Connor Dericks Skylands Cycling 16
Edgar Buckley DC Velo Racing 16
Haotian Ren UVA Cycling 15
Richard Leibfried ActiveYards / Specialized 15
Tyler Eidel Linea Racing P/b Sun & Air 15
Stefan Tessoun Team Solutions Cycling 15
Jacob Myers ECE / I Ride 4 David 15
Aaron Myers ECE / I Ride 4 David 15
Daniel Santiago Crca/dave Jordan Elite Road Team 15
Andy Novario I Ride 4 David / ECE Racing 15
Reece Lady Cleveland Cycling Academy 15
Jeffrey Koontz Project 412 15
Edikson Pena Verrazano Team Racing P/b Nytri.org 15
David Taylor CRCA /NY Vision - Fuoriclasse 15
Coleman Files Velocious Sport 15
Matthew Mitchell Atlantic Fitness 15
Iain Carr CRCA/Big Hit Racing 15
Andrew Martinek Cutaway Blanchard's Coffee 15
Martin Carreras Millersburg Velo Club p/b Holmes Cycling & Fitness 15
Aidan Vollmuth Verge Sport 15
James Millett US NAVAL ACADEMY 15
Cristian Rios Cristian RIOS 15
Karl Krasnesky Team BikeDoctor 15
Holden Wierema Lees-McRae College 15
Justin Frambes Freddie Fu Cycling Team 14
Brad Greenberg NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 14
Antonio Munoz City Bikes 14
Ari Ebens Star Track 14
Todd Bickling TEAM BIKE DOCTOR 14
Zachary Racine UVA Cycling 14
Max Blinderman CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy 14
Owen Brenneman Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 14
Matt Flood Pursuit Racing 14
Vrishab Commuri UMD Cycling 14
Eric Mcbride Pioneer Mortgage Funding 14
James Kim Unattached 14
Luke Flaxman UVA Cycling 14
Alex Myers La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 14
Ari Giovenco RedShift Racing 14
Gregory Grosicki LEX Racing 14
Jacob Mccarthy Capital Bicycle Racing Club p/b Steiners Sports 14
Nicholas Kovach Unattached 14
James Povolny Liberty University cycling 14
Brook Ballard Cutaway/Blanchard's 14
Travis Pyle I Ride 4 David / ECE Racing 14
Aaron Seip Meta Normal CC 13
Robert Rutkowski Crca/foundation 13
Cian Connolly Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 13
Cristian Torres��� CRCA/Foundation 13
Henry Tambellini Project Echelon Racing 13
Jacob Mason Unattached 13
Bond Almand DARTMOUTH 13
Skyler Sears University of Connecticut 13
Colin Ely SOAR Foundation Racing 13
Ian Pollock La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 13
Andrew Wolfe Cumberland Valley Collective p/b Gettysburg Bicycle 13
Kalib Atkins Velocious Sport 13
Adin Papell iSpeed Racing Team 13
Kevin Mcdonnell CRCA/Blue Ribbon - Talent Cycles 13
Zachary White Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med-ProBike and Run 13
Geraldo Peralta WWVC Racing 13
Walter Alvarado Sanba cycling team 13
Jonas Nelson Good guys racing p/b high water women.org 13
Ernesto Aviles Route 1 Velo 13
Mike Piposar ZWS / Brilliant Advice 13
Alexander Gass NCVC/United Healthcare 12
Conor Kennedy Weis 12
Chris Haas THR Cycling 12
Montgomery Curren Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 12
Bradley Vomocil Unattached 12
Roberto Rivera-greenwood NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 12
Christopher M. jones Route 1 Velo 12
Harold Sheffery Crca / Skratch Labs / Ostroy 12
David Rodda Whole Wheel Velo Club 12
Isaiah Morrison Getting It In Cyclists 12
Carlos Fuentes Team Hunters 12
Freddie Drummond Unattached 12
Brett Mckay Summit Freewheelers 12
Garrett Gallaher US AIR FORCE ACADEMY 12
Ethan Gamble US Naval Academy 12
Gary Henderson UVA Cycling 12
Andrew Lloyd Projekt 12
John West North Union 12
Noah Shumskas StarTrack Cycling 12
John Chambers Redshift Racing 12
Christian De vela Palace 12
David Grant ActiveYards / Specialized 12
Pamel Almonte Fusion cycles 12
Brendan Smith THR Cycling 12
Drew Goga VeloJawn Racing 12
Timmy Lescop-nivol Dutch Flyers Cycling Club 11
Robert Smithson None 11
Sean Walsh Verrazano Team Racing P/b Nytri.org 11
Ryan Mulcahy Appalachian State University 11
David Ramirez Affinity Cycles 11
Matthew Glowacki Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 11
Levi Barker Velocioius Sport 11
William Evans Bikeworks 11
Oscar Stangoni Estrella - 1AMBS 11
Greg Hockenbrocht CRCA / Team VESELKA 11
Josh Henderson Team Gruppetto 11
Cameron Crise TTEndurance 11
Justin Keiper Boone Area Cyclists 11
Brook Taube CRCA/Dave Jordan Elite Road Team 11
Dan Underwood Battley Harley-Davidson 11
Steven Roberts CRCA | Rockstar Games 11
? Joseph Verge Sport 11
Gavin Robertson CRCA/Foundation 11
Gerardo Paternostro Hilltop Racing Team 11
Chris Warno Kelly Benefits Strategies 11
Patrick Brown NEPA Velo pb DiscoverNEPA 11
Sean Flournoy Meta.CC 11
Adam Swetlow Equip racing 11
Malik Graves-pryor CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 11
Masaharu Ito CRCA / Team VESELKA 11
Kevin Westover spokes-n-skis 11
Brian Sjoberg Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor 11
Cole Ebenkamp DistrictTaco Racing 11
Tyler Eckert Fitt Insider 11
Brett Garrett CRCA / Team VESELKA 11
Gary Zehr ETP Cycling 10
Patrick Frank JAM Fund / NCC 10
Daniel Holmes CRCA/Rockstar Games 10
Edwin Morel Team Blue Ribbon/ Talent Cycles 10
Bryan Sison Houlihan Lokey 10
Jacob Spitzer Dartmouth College 10
Andres Mangones CRCA / ONYX 10
Laverne Eberly Otterhaus/K&F Construction 10
Boden Gentile UVA Cycling 10
Aj Torres Skratch Labs / Ostroy 10
Paul Luttik Community Bike Racing 10
Michael Cumming Verrazano Team Racing p/b NYTri.org 10
Johnny Phan Cutaway/Blanchard's 10
Christian Ruud Flat City Cycling Club Inc. 10
Christian Torres Foundation 10
Cole Casey THR 10
Per Magnusson Good Guys Racing p/b highwaterwomen.org 10
Wellinton Canela CRCA/Foundation 10
Noah Roberts Pocahontas Racing 10
Curtis Alia NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 10
Tanner Tsvetkoff Cycward Bike Club 10
Shannon Shuskey GVC/Cycles De Oro 10
David Johnson Capital Bicycle Racing Club 10
Jose Nunez DC Velo Limited 10
David Shirzad CRCA/RUBBER N ROAD 10
Ricardo Queiroz Green lizard cycling 10
Matthew Mason Unattached 10
Mynor Pineda Rockland cycling velo 10
Fausto Guzman Road kings racing team 10
Devin Sommerville Verge Sport 10
Oliver Babb unafiliated 10
Marcus Duval NeXT pb Enshored 10
Melvin Gonzalez Karmaracingteam 10
Peter Hatfield Baltimore Bicycle Works Racing 10
Ray Plewacki NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 10
Kuria Njenga Zenberrymix.com 10
Stephen Antonishen Roy & Associates Racing 10
Greg Hruby Crca/rockstar Games 10
Ben Kolbie PIEDMONT 10
Quinten Prieur Virginia Tech Cycling Team 10
Steven Kurpiewski Fitt Insider 9
Ryan Odonnell Capital Bicycle Racing Club P/B Steiners Sports 9
Csar Marte Whbh Cycling Team 9
David Gates NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 9
Cole Lewis Car6on Racing 9
Jamual John Crca/foundation Elite Team 9
Greg Sipes Projekt 9
Dennis Borden PROJEKT/EARC 9
Sean Watson Ziel Concept Store 9
Cj Burford Team EF Education First- Onto 9
James Robinson Crca / Rubber N Road 9
Ethan Hendricks Cleveland Cycling Academy 9
Otto Wiblishauser Battley Harley-Davidson 9
Markos Taddesse Unattached 9
Curtis Southern NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 9
Ian Mcdonald LEES-MCRAE 9
Clark Johnson SFW Junior Devo 9
Jeremy Borden ROR 9
Padraig Leary Cleveland Cycling Academy 9
Norman Xie UNC Cycling 9
Louisge Shoy Traingle Cyclist 9
Ricardo Pantaleon Unattached 9
Nick Taylor DistrictTaco Racing 9
Shay Wright Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli 9
Alex Reichmann Redshift Racing 9
Stefan Kadar CCAMasters 9
Peter Connelly Army West Point Cycling 9
Ian Harvey CRCA/NYCC p/b Magen Financial 9
Justin Paton Sherpa 9
Sam Farmer Crosshairs 8
Gavriel Brun Setanta 8
Gideon Bezuidenhout King University Cycling 8
Ronald Malone Triangle Racing/TOMBC 8
Hunter Pronovost Cheshire Cycle Racing 8
Carlos Abascal Unattached 8
Scott Yarosh Scottie's Big Legs 8
Nicholas Salazar garcia Team Skyline 8
Lukas Brandt Kelly Benefits 8
Grzegorz Wlodarek University of Toronto 8
Daniel Mccarthy Automatic LonelyHearts Racing 8
Sherlock Suehang DMV Caribbean Ridazz 8
Frederick Boehrer Linea Racing p/b Sun & Air 8
Justin Harris Bikeway/Team Wilpers 8
Jay Barreto US Naval Academy 8
Cameron Zamot Rescue Project Racing 8
Brad Green Star Track 8
Wade Contney Northeastern University 8
Gio Iera Miami Falcons 8
Adam Bennett Summit Freewheelers 8
Mark Linton DMV Caribbean Ridazz 8
Timothy Angob Houlihan Lokey 8
Arnaud Enjalbert CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 8
Cesar Marte Emanuel Ibarry and 2NDBIKE TEAM 8
Kurt Leadley Dutch Flyers 8
Thomas Berle carman AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing 8
Max Schneider Buffalo Bicycling Club 8
Sean Guest SOAR Foundation Racing 8
Mitchell Bronstetter unattached 8
Zak Jackson UNC Lotto Max 8
Roberto Matilla Unattached 8
Matthew Briggs Cumberland Valley Collective 8
Jared Eytcheson NewType Cycling 8
Luke Burger Blhaj Cycling 8
David Mccuskey CRCA / Team VESELKA 8
Jeremy Scheid Team Solutions Cycling 8
Troy Sanders Edge Cycling 8
Luke Sullivan 0 8
Andrew Polesovsky National Capital Velo Club 8
Tabare Pichardo Karma Racing Team 8
Edwin Giraldo Route 1 Velo 8
Presley Evans Miller School 8
Jason Graham Project West Oakland 8
David Mcnichol Great Dismal Express 8
Kai Afan Edge Cycling 8
Cole Krueger Marchese Racing 8
Bj Allen Major Taylor Development Team 8
John Daut TTEndurance 8
Alejandro Vivas City Bikes 8
Yuri Hrycaj ROH 8
Dilin Williams Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 8
Chad Davis Perkiomen bicycles 8
Dieter Egli CRCA/NYCC Racing 8
Quinn Killy 1 Lap 8
Oscar Camargo Century Road Club Assoc 8
Michael Martys La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 8
Lewis Kopchak The Velo Shop 8
Ricardo Sanchez Ziel Concept Store 8
Jackson Mclean Lees-McRae College 8
William Kelley Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterWomen.org 8
Cameron Holland Great Dismal Express 8
Jimmy Dyches Team Espresso Cycle Coaching 8
Ryan Warnick University of Virginia 8
Art Podgorski jr. Competitive edge Racing 8
Jonah Hover Edge Cycling 7
Zachary Baker Get Fit Families LLC 7
Jon Yu Triangle cyclist 7
Steve Hunchuck Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med--ProBike + Run 7
Alec Smith Keystone Racing P/B Lupine Lights 7
Ryan Raikman Carnegie Mellon University 7
Weston Muoio William and Mary 7
Andrei Nugaev CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b Magen Financial 7
Christian Clinton 0 7
Geoffrey Milsom District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 7
Wyle Solomon CRCA/Foundation 7
Jonathan Flesher Team Espresso Cycle Coaching/Team Espresso Cycle Coaching Team 7
Nathan Andert UNC Cycling 7
Jason Hall Summit Freewheelers 7
Polo Fernandez Cleveland Cycling Academy 7
Gustavo Bedoya Stellares Racing Team 7
Jordan Sneddon BANG BANG RACING 7
Elijah Blackwelder NC State Cycling Club 7
Ryan Snow Pursuit Racing 7
Joshua Bleisch NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 7
Michael Brosterman CRCA- NY Vision/Eat DIRT 7
Joseph Rose Benissimo 7
Tim Russell T3 Coaching 7
Kyle Lynch Instigators 7
James Davall A Dogs Day Out 7
Sam Riegel The Rothman Institute-verder Cycling Team 7
Daniel Gomez City Bikes 7
Robert Hengel Cleveland Cycling Academy 7
Robert Labarge Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 7
Chad Shackelford ROR NYC 7
Nicholas Acuna Carnegie Mellon University 7
Soren Poole UVA Cycling 7
Adam Heisel Wolverine Sports Club 7
Paul Leary Team2Cycling 7
Brett White Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med - Pro Bike + Run 7
Anuj Sirsikar US Naval Academy 7
Jonathon Jenkins Project Echelon 7
Dwight Bland K.R.T. Racing 7
Jeffrey Miesemer ActiveYards / Specialized 7
David Davenport Mountain Events 7
Lanier Ash LEES-MCRAE 7
Eric Wilkening Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds GMC/Subaru 7
Kevin Saint clair Team SKYLINE 7
Juan Fonseca Bicycle Habitat 7
Brian Attis Elecrtic Banana 7
Alexander Brown DistrictTaco Racing 7
Mazen Lazar Baltimore Youth Cycling 7
Brian Hale Lex Racing 7
Pete Doyle Mercury Endurance 7
Benjamin Burnett UMD Cycling 7
Ian Sellors UVA Cycling 7
Benedict Lloyd Brands Cuevas 7
Raul Ruiz 305 Cycle 6
Niklas Brandt Charm City Cycling/C3-Wagner Roofing 6
Coleman Camp Bend Wood 6
Anwar Gorham Lateral Stress Velo Inc. 6
Brendon Fish 0 6
Michael Griffith Boston Mountain Cyclists 6
Christopher Tams Nycc racing 6
Cameron Cook Sanctuary Winds Racing 6
Daniel Santiago pelaez Crca/dave Jordan Elite Road Team 6
Jaime Castaneda American Cycling 6
Thomas Maggio NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 6
Michael Fair Getting It In Cyclists 6
Lukas De schepper University of Vermont 6
James Berkheimer Arkansas United Racing 6
Daniel Feldman CRCA/Big Hit Racing 6
Jeremy Peavey NewType Cycling 6
Salvatore Raffelo Century Road Club Assoc 6
Lucas Barash-david CRCA/Automatic Lonely Hearts Racing 6
Robert Maier Roy & Associates Racing 6
Jeremy Rae Ascent Cycling 6
Steven Shive Shive Coaching 6
Ed Slaughter Market Edge 6
John Bertolini Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions 6
David Friedman Freddie Fu Cycling 6
Joshua Becker Speed Vision Bikes 6
Dylan Treece US Military Academy 6
Victor Diaz de leon Unattached 6
Henri Simon Team Espresso Cycle Coaching/Team Espresso Cycle Coaching Team 6
Peter Goff Team ProPower/cycle solutions 6
Nelson Tecun Sanba Cycling Team 6
Pawel Czarnecki Unattached 6
Akash Bhave UMD Cycling 6
Matthew Tuttle EFRT 6
Benedict Gramaje New Haven Angels 6
Yitzchak Pruss Coffeepace by LIV S 6
Khale Unger Rapha Cycling Club 6
Chris Rednour Headwind Cycling 6
Jardany Toquica Unattached 6
Jerez Lorenzo Rueda Durismo Cycling Group 6
Dilon Hubbard Dcc 6
Jw Moreno Reynolds Development 6
Max Ebens Star Track 6
Zachary Wills Massage Envy Racing 6
Robert Douglas Atlantic Fitness/ Annapolis Bike Racing Team 6
Jacob Jarvis Appalachian State University 6
Julio Coreas Phase Cycling 6
Patrick Hogan Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor 6
Scot Jaworski DC Velo Racing 6
Max Martin CRCA/NYCC Racing 6
Ian Hede Miller School of Albemarle 6
Daniel Santiago-pelaez Dave Jordan Racing 6
Lynn Murray Ride Ya Bike 6
Jacob Morris-siegel Berkshire Velo 6
Matt Hallock Studio L'echelon 6
Brian Spagnoletti Automatic Lonelyhearts Racing 6
Ian Witkowski Landis Cyclery/Trek 6
Kimani Nielsen OrthoVirginia Racing 6
Anthony Casella Cumberland Valley Collective 6
Jeremy Carter Blhaj Cycling Club 6
Francis Landman Triangle Cyclists 6
Christian Sell QCW/PB/cadencecycling.com 6
David Ramirez Route 1 Velo 5
Vincent Ribeiro Verrazano Team Racing p/b NYTri.org 5
Patrick Darken Guys Racing Club 5
Mecea Robert Unattached 5
Hunter Mycek CS Velo 5
Jeffrey Schleppy QT2 Systems 5
Andy Cicero Catoctin Cycling Club 5
Ricky Leng E3 Endurance 5
Jeff Kompa EPT Cycling 5
Hunter Dempsey Velocious Sport 5
Timo Budarz Liberty University 5
Chase Wheeler Linea Racing p/b Sun & Air 5
Terrence Chioffi CRCA/Rockstar Games 5
Nicholas Leeper RAD Cycling Collective 5
Aidan O'dowd US Military Academy 5
Samuel Spectre University of Vermont 5
Paul Gabrielsen Ski Valley 5
Nate Reymann Summit Freewheelers 5
Michael Pelletier CPTRacing Team 5
Matt Montgomery Summit Freewheelers/Specialized 5
Colin Mihalak La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 5
Matthew Peters Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 5
Willy Gomez Unattached 5
Scott Farrell Kanberra p/b Five & 20 5
Paul Mattison Gvcc 5
Benjamin Esquieres Massage Envy Racing // University of Pittsburgh 5
Matthias Spies CRCA/Foundation 5
Herian Martinez Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT 5
Michael Mihalik MargieBars/ Jmac Cycling 5
Mark Streb Pursuit Racing 5
Sam Forsyth Team Molly's 5
Juan J ferreira City Bikes 5
Junior Hernandez Hamakan Sport Team 5
Clark Lavoie Miller School of Albemarle 5
Otto Wiblishauser Total Civil Construction 5
James Deane Team Flow Cycling 5
Jonathan Coreas Phase cycling 5
Zach Arrington Oceanic Racing 5
Alex Winnicki Liberty University 5
Tom Reeb Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 5
Scott Evans Kenmore Envelope Company Inc. 5
Brian Duncan Hawley's Bicycle Race Team 5
Patrick Mead Unattached 5
Stephen Jamison Jamison - Cannondale 5
Noel gerard Bunal Houlihan Lokey 5
Alexander Barr Rockets Cycling Team Inc 5
Tom Weaver Summit Freewheelers 5
Rafael Arias 305 Cycle 5
Ian Marks 2 Laps 5
Matthew Giarrusso CRCA / Skratch Labs / Ostroy 5
Matthew Spong Milligan University/Specialized Bicycles/Factor Components 5
Joshua Acevedo Hilltop Racing Team 5
Andrew Johnson The Cycle Works 5
Hillius Ettinoffe 1 Lap 5
Jeff Baatz T3 Philly 5
Arihant Kalidindi New York Medical College 5
Fred Stutzman EFRT 5
Travis Guess 0 5
Chris Salucci Central Park Raccoons 5
Jack Bernhard Finkraft Junior Cycling Team 5
Rudy Discua The Astellares 5
Patrick Homan Oceanic Racing 5
Zakir Edris Artemis Racing Team 5
Ismael Collado acosta Foundation 5
Greg Lisa Cinch Cycling 5
Colin Braun Dartmouth College 5
Saul Ramirez L&D Cycles 5
Cole Malinchock North Carolina State University at Raleigh 5
Alex St andre TTEndurance Junior Devo 5
George Qadado Automatic Lonely Hearts 5
Carlo Roche The Perpinan Project - Top Step 5
Jake Sanchez Spandex Takeover United LLC ™ 5
Kelsey Helman AVC 5
David Spreen 545 Velo 5
William Caligari Berkshire Velo 5
Jordan Tessier Miller School of Albemarle 5
David Garguilo CRCA/Foundation 5
Marvin Santos Kelly Benefit Strategies 5
James Gallo Iron Bridge/Tarmac Cycling 5
Max Chilsen Lees-McRae College 5
Francis Alexander serrano hernandez DOMINICAN FITNES 5
Willie Payton CRCA/Axis 5
Derrick Chavarria C-Town Cycling 5
Felipe Aros 305 Cycle 5
Adam Van etten Unattached 5
Kyle Mcpherson Hilltop Racing Team 5
Iain Mackeith GEORGIA TECH 5
David Thompson Hot Tubes Development Cycling 5
Nick Valentino SRVC 5
Jim Elsner Beer Tree Cycling 5
Derek Schaadt MIT 5
Eric Yonda Tioga Velo Club 5
Remi Pepelko Unattached 4
Greg Canfield Summit Freewheelers 4
Daniel Lim Century Road Club Assoc 4
Benjamin franklin Bencosme Crca/nycc/racing 4
Jonaton Baginski 1 Lap 4
Mateo Bradbury bradbury bros 4
Aaron Rape Watts & Whiskey 4
Juan Furtado LEX Racing 4
Isaac Edmundson Getting It In Cyclists 4
Ron Glowczynski Roanoke College 4
Tuomas Kronqvist CRCA 4
Daniel Borrero Star Track 4
Victor Choi DC Velo Limited/DC Velo Racing 4
Patrick Dicus HAMILTON 4
Leo Semonsky Veloleo 4
Siavosh Salimi Houlihan Lokey 4
Bob Kehl Guys Racing 4
Kyle Watson THR Cycling 4
Erick Orozco Unattached 4
Ben Savoie CNYC/NYCM Insurance 4
Joseph Pallotto Team Lake Effect 4
Austin Zahm Triangle Cyclists 4
Paulie Allison Classic Car Club Cycling Team 4
Logan Evans Stage 1 / Airline Cycles 4
Michael Jones CS Velo 4
Thomas Dreps UNC CHAPEL HILL 4
Jeffrey Bzdill Bucknell Cycling Team 4
Trevor Canto US Naval Academy 4
Aundre Cuffy NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 4
William Harrington Unattached 4
Pedro Medina City Bikes 4
Jon Klonowski Massage Envy 4
Daniel Hernandez L&D Cycles Corp. 4
Jonathan Elison CS Velo 4
Dixon Brown Auburn University 4
Lennart Zandbergen Kissena Cycling Club 4
Mark Sumner Peak Racing/Valley Bike & Ski Werks/Pactimo 4
Bennett Lamb UVA Cycling 4
Frank Ortiz VeloJawn Racing 4
Lawrence Neidigh Unattached 4
Quinn Herrera Automatic Lonely Hearts 4
Josil Guzman Cenalliano 4
David Gonzalez Rockland cycling proyect 4
Hernando Rueda CRCA/ONYX 4
Daniel Dewitt Unattached 4
Clete Willems Redshift Racing 4
Kalten Walter SLOWBOYZ 4
David Osborne ETP Cycling 4
Joshua Armstrong VeloJawn Racing 4
Stephen Rupp Shickluna / Kenmore Development 4
Daniel Alzate Verge Sport 4
Christopher Bourne Black Watts 4
Jared Willis NC State Cycling Club 4
Matthew Lassiter Unattached 4
Juan Camilo echeverri Unattached 4
Todd Whitescarver Unattached 4
Sebastian Colorado e2Value p/b Verge Sport 4
Nicolas Haydar Cleveland Cycling Academy 4
Frankel Rodriguez Ziel Concept Store 4
Michael Nedd ECE/I Ride 4 David 4
Eric Barfell Cycward Bike Club 4
Edwin Sanchez CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 4
Julian Wang Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 4
Michael Maclaga Team Solutions Cycling 4
Julian Borrero Star Track 4
Messiah Davis CRCA / Team VESELKA 4
Eric Cachero ECE Racing 4
Tj Weber Oceanic Racing 4
Diego Yepez Redshift Racing 4
Robert Kelly DC Velo Limited 4
Kelby Hanson Roanoke College 4
Luke Biller NC State Cycling Club 4
Jacob Ehlinger Doylestown Bikeworks p/b Fred Beans 4
Raymond Gilbert Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team 4
Marc Zionts Fairlife 4
Divik Verma DARTMOUTH 4
Greg Knabel BikeFitRVA p/b Trek 4
Filagot Dinku 1 Lap 4
Michael Ybanez B1 Gruppo Cycling 4
Reinier Gomez Unattached 4
Amilcar Mendez DMV Caribbean Ridazz 4
Joshua Snyder Hammer Nutrition 4
Jude Gillespie Miller School 4
Leonardo Salgado gonzalez THR Cycling 4
Francois David Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 4
Alec Abaunza Automatic Lonely Hearts 4
Chad Muller Fat Frogs Racing 4
Max Jacob Crca/dave Jordan Racing 4
James Outterbridge SOAR Foundation Racing 4
Patrick Bischof University of Cincinnati Cycling Club 4
Jarred Stacey Newtype Cycling 4
Craig Merritts GPOA 4
Michael Principato Total Civil Construction 3
Noah Rodney US Military Academy 3
Gerson Bachan Sanba Cycling Team 3
Garrett Chrisman US MILITARY 3
Lucas Blatt Pennsylvania State University 3
Mark Paris Genesee Valley Cycling Club 3
Ben St. pierre Pennsylvania State University 3
Mayron Betancur Specialized Glass Co. Cycling Team 3
Kevan Edwards Mello Velo Racing 3
John Bonetsky Capital Bicycle Racing Club 3
Jim Yankush mvc 3
Victor Siegfried NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 3
Stephen Ducey Built for the Flats 3
Andrew Frey Hamilton College 3
David Helmuth Suppan Foot and Ankle Clinic 3
Chris Cobbs Car6on Racing 3
Mike Platania Sweet Spot 3
Ronald Koller TEAM SOMERSET 3
Michael Belew ECE Racing 3
Daniel Makarishchev Kennesaw State Cycling 3
Jorge Guerrero-viera Unattached 3
Daniel Schoeff NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 3
Baird Sills Lex Racing 3
Joshua Graves Salty Chimp Racing 3
William Schabacker US Naval Academy 3
Vincent Franco Skylands Cycling 3
Parker Dugan Virginia Tech Cycling 3
Hiddo Eikelboom D Professional 3
Elijah Pace Massage Envy Racing 3
Samuel Torres Stellares Racing Team 3
Evan Mcgregor GS Savile Road 3
Lucas Nothnagle University of Pittsburgh 3
Tyler Romlein Capital Bicycle Racing Club 3
Khori Mauricette Top Step Cyncling 3
Larry Bolano Unattached 3
Steve Wehling Buffalo Bicycling Club 3
Jon Murray Beer Tree Cycling 3
Frank Tiburzi Meta Normal CC 3
Stefan Miller Hilltop Racing Team 3
Mark Colenbrander UPMC / Pro Bike Run 3
Robert Burnett Village Bikes 3
Farren Morrell Team Vitesse 3
Jason Valenti Opus Elite Cycling - presented by Oakville Cyclepath 3
Robert Gottlieb gottlieb 3
Al Hassane fall SOAR Foundation Racing 3
Bryan Berman Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 3
Brennan Cherry King University Cycling 3
Elijah Gunther VeloJawn Racing 3
Phillip Jones Unattached 3
Nate Baltikas Setanta 3
Gabriel Kinnard-brown Unattached 3
Jack Begin US Naval Academy 3
Dominic Iannucci NC State Cycling Club 3
Sam Sharkey Equip Racing 3
Marc Kingsley CNYC/NYCM Insurance 3
Arlo Tanenbaum Haverford College 3
Aaron Widman Velocioius Sport 3
Andrew Oliver FFR - Bad News Bears 3
Ali Sina ali 717cycling club 3
Harrison Morosco Velocious Sport 3
Andrew Hodgson Linea Racing p/b Sun & Air 3
Yanbin Zhang Columbia University-NYC 3
Warrick Underwood Kelly Benefits Strategy Cycling 3
Darren Janifer 2 Laps 3
Benjamin Swaim Benissimo 3
James Dunn Oceanic Racing 3
Matt Loftus Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G 3
Ryan Mullen Virginia Polytechnic University 3
Andy Ruestow Nalgene Cycling p/b Northglow Photography 3
Alex Rishty Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 3
Evan Janis Otterhaus/K&F Construction 3
Mason Siedor Kelly Benefit Strategies LSV 3
Corey Ridgick Gotham Cyclists 3
Liam Goff AP Junior Development p/b Corner Cycle 3
Roznovsky Machado Road Kings Racing 3
Zach Wolz On Your Mark Performance Center 3
Dado Slezak Onyx RT 3
Jason Mount Freddie Fu Cycling 3
Scott Moore Revolution Cycle Sports 3
Noah Niwinski Boone Velo 3
Aiden Burt Pennsylvania State University 3
Cameron Quick DC Velo Limited 3
Thomas Cipolla Brands Cycle/PWRd by Revactin/Metra Team 3
Edouard Hugot CRCA/Foundation 3
Sam Cahill consumer electronics 3
Alejandro Espitia CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 3
Andrew Booden ECE Racing 3
Mark Holt THR Cycling 3
Derek Zellefrow Buffalo Bicycling Club 3
Vassos Kyprianou CCNS 3
Hugo Pelaez Fusion Cycles 3
Matthew Robins unattached 3
George Carbaugh Sandbags unlimited 3
Alex Davies Campus WheelWorks/Campus Cycling Collective/BBC 3
Mario Hoo DMV Caribbean Ridazz 3
Peter Thallner Guy's Racing Club 3
Joshua West Team Alliance Environmental p/b Meridian Bank 3
Anthony Smith KRT Cycling 3
Christopher Ames Hopfly Racing 3
Phil Lekavich Sweet Spot 3
Leo Hollister Oceanic Racing 3
Freddy Ortega Appalachian State University 3
Callan Panzarella Seven Rivers Country Day School 3
David Speaks Edge Cycling 3
Alejandro Perez Estrella Racing Team 3
Paul Vrouwenvelder Appalachian State University 3
Luigi Deschamps rockland cycling velo 3
Michael Gallagher Furthur Racing 3
Neal Stansbury ActiveYards / Specialized 3
Victor Choi Dc Velo Racing 3
Matthew Chekhlov Cornell University 3
Joshua Foley LEES-MCRAE 3
Nelson Odreman Fort Bend Kia Racing 3
Raydel Apesteguia Globe Life Family Heritge Div. 3
Meghan Boyle Sweet Spot Pocket Rockets 3
Jayson Wallace Vitesse 2
Babak Mansouri DC Velo Limited/DC Velo Limited Team 2
David Holmes Getting It In Cyclists 2
Jesse Mcentire Hopfly Racing 2
Eric Oleson Pioneer Mortgage Funding 2
Maggie Hopkins Sweet Spot Pocket Rockets 2
Eric Mcmillan CRCA/NYCC/R 2
Jyme Bridges Level Up 2
Ramy Nubani Fitt Insider 2
Max Corbett CRCDF 2
Trent Langley 1 Lap 2
Peter Schmidt NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 2
Carlos Delgado Unattached 2
Jahiem Williams SOAR Foundation Racing 2
Daniel Tkacik La Prima Espresso Co. Racing 2
Jp Rutledge BikeFitRVA p/b Trek 2
Paul Petrie Unattached 2
Daniel Dudzik MIT Cycling Team 2
Alastair Amos Full Spectrum 2
Stephen Justice AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing 2
John Paul amalong UNC CHAPEL HILL 2
Jack Dausch Rock Creek Velo 2
Chris Franks Pioneer Mortgage Funding 2
Noah Petersen BAM Juniors 2
Chad Vincelette FFR - Hammerfest 2
Gregory Cherr BBC 2
Reinaldo Garcia Latinos Unidos cycling team 2
Michael Richardson Getting It In Cyclista 2
Fedor Wouda Karma Racing Team 2
James Strane SWOOD Racing p/b Cutaway & ECE Racing 2
Aidan Doyle Army Cycling Team 2
Bruce Klinger FFR - Bad News Bears 2
Samuel Kristy UVA Cycling 2
Chris Helbling east end cycling club 2
Forrest Sears Trek New Hartford 2
Patrick Mcneil Salty Chimp Racing 2
Paul Livelli Sportif Coaching Group/AVC 2
Steven Kendall Kelly Benefit Strategies / LSV 2
Bruce Rivera Cleveland Cycling Academy 2
Neil Maccrimmon Morrison Hershfield Racing Team 2
Matthew Mcconnell Major Taylor Development Team 2
Luke Zagurski Thru-It-All Body Shop 2
Bob Lelievre Northampton Cycling Club 2
Tyler Mlujeak Mr Greens P/S Top Step 2
Chase O'donell Capital Bicycle Racing Club P/B Steiners Sports 2
Alberto Silveira BANG BANG RACING 2
Greg Cavanagh MBRC Pedalinx 2
Krzysztof Jedrzejewski WWVC Racing 2
Andrew Mcgregor Lloyd Christmas Racing 2
Sean Crandell Opus One Velo 2
Jensen Riddle Velocious Sport 2
Garrett Churchey Unattached 2
Oliver Sendall Boone Area Cyclists 2
Marcus Fitts Equip Racing 2
Hector Naranjo Independent 2
Andrew Ngo META.CC 2
Henry Neff Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling 2
Mitchell Hopkins Henderson Custom Homes 2
Stephen Vogel Getting It In Cyclists 2
Thomas Sanford CRCA/NYCC Racing 2
Alexander Warner Alpine Carbon 2
Andrew Melville Foundation 2
Kelly Holmes Carolina Masters 2
Geoffrey Parslow Independent 2
Richard Creed Revolution Cycle Sports p/b LoneRider Brewery 2
Luke Callan Verge Sport 2
Isaac Vallecillo rangel UMD Cycling 2
Anthony Campagna Salty Chimp Racing 2
Peter Swinand FAIRLIFE-Pony Shop 2
Cormac Nagle New England Development p/b Cadence Wealth Managem 2
Matthew Zaleski Rogue Racing p/b Sail Away Coffee 2
Derek Van hoose ZWS / Brilliant Advice 2
Mario Villa CRCA/ONYX 2
Patrick Gellineau Team Somerset 2
Lucas Price-glynn TTEndurance Junior Devo 2
Anthony Mcdonald GVC/Cycles De Oro 2
Ben White Pursuit Racing 2
Joe Tipkelan Crca / Balut Patrol 2
Brandon Fastman Route 1 Velo 2
Dylan Brody New England Development p/b Cadence Wealth Managem 2
Yoyo Lu Cornell University 2
Matthew Reynolds Kelly Benefits Elite Cycling Team 2
Owen Little Meta Normal CC 2
Tamas Debreczeni Unattached 2
Slyvan Garrelts Verge Sport 2
Enze Yan Starchild 2
Philippe Di stefano Independent 2
Gerardo Torres 305 Cycle 2
Pushkin Crocker dcdevo Racing Academy 2
Juan Hinestrosa Total Cycling 2
Diego Monsalve Hilltop Racing Team 2
Zohair Shafi Northeastern University 2
Kurt Heine Bridge Velo 2
Ryan Bierl Projekt 2
Baudilio Toc Sanba Cycling Team 2
Joe Parent Cycward Bike Club 2
Brenden Leary Cleveland Cycling Academy 2
Edison Marulanda Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 2
Anthony Casini Coffeewatts-Handy Bikes 2
Paskal Lamour Crca/blue Ribbon - Talent Cycles 2
Max Fryar FFR - Hammerfest 2
Juan Pimentel Montecci 2
Jamaal Torrance GII Race Team South 2
Clayton Griffin Oceanic Racing 2
Raymond Zilliox 0 2
Henry Barze Unattached 2
Eduardo Lopez Latinos Unidos Cycling Team 2
Justin Stephens NC State Cycling Club 2
Omar Fernandez Excel City Bikes Team 2
Daniel Soltan Cutaway/Blanchard's 2
Xavier Comelli The Comellis 2
Dustin Byers Otterhaus 2
William Cottrell BikeFit RVA 2
Eli Brody Virginia Tech Cycling 2
George Morse Dutch Flyers 2
Lucius Hamblen Velocious Sport 2
Russell Keanini Cycle Path 2
Nolan Sands Baltimore Youth Cycling 2
Rich Ferraro UNDRBUDR Racing 2
Michael Tupas Houlihan lokey 2
Michael Jacobs 3 Laps 2
Andrew Sedore Rescue Racing 2
Chris Ceniccola FFR - Hammerfest 2
Philip Daniels Rothman Institute - Verder Cycling Team 1
Johnny Aboud Unattached 1
Matthew Glavich Ignite Junior Cycling 1
Leo Lombardi Virginia Tech 1
Craig Saari ESP Lastig 1
Benjamin Fong UMD Cycling 1
George Paras Verrazano Team Racing p/b NYTri.org 1
Lincoln Summers Kelly Benefit Strategies 1
Tyler Yoder Average Pull 1
Jackson Sanders Edge Cycling 1
Adam Faine BikeFitRVA p/b Trek 1
Jay Silvey Full Spectrum Racing 1
Darrell Marion GII 1
Lennox Halstead Kissena Cycling Club 1
Stephen Gilligan BANG BANG RACING 1
Jim Nicholson Team 2 Cycling 1
Ryan Workman Unattached 1
John Jaicks Cornell University 1
Marcus Kennedy Team Velo Shop 1
Simon Ellison Linea Racing P/b Sun & Air 1
William Duah CPT Racing Team 1
Julian Fernandez NY Vision Group/Fuoriclasse Racing 1
Juan Peralta Unattached 1
Jhon Barahona-herrera Jhon BARAHONA-HERRERA 1
Don Smart Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club 1
Nolan Holmes DARTMOUTH 1
Logan Brendle Revolution Cycle Sports 1
Kyle Farmer Lex Racing 1
Paul O'donnell Meta.cc 1
Philip Cofer 1 Lap 1
Aaron Richardson National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare 1
Dominic Michaelides KruisCX 1
Ryan Shank Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling Team 1
Luis Gonzalez Los melos cycling team 1
Damian Barny AUTOMATIC Lonely Hearts Racing 1
Dan Rowinski CCNS 1
Isaac Hoeh VeloJawn Racing 1
Bob Latsha Millersburg Velo Club p/b Holme 1
David Marti Independent 1
John Lissfelt 0 1
Roy Kidwell Team Eusless 1
Zac Quinn NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 1
Luis Saavedra Bicycle Habitat Verge Sport 1
Bo Kelly Velocious Sport 1
Kenneth Whittington THRU-IT-ALL BODY SHOP INC 1
Stergios Papadakis Unattached 1
Elijah Johnson MILLIGAN 1
Cristian Diagama CRCA/ONYX 1
Berhane Kahsay Artemis Racing 1
John Oakes GVC/Cycles de Oro 1
Michael Carnahan Lex racing 1
Brian Hamilton Century Road Club Association (crca) 1
Taylor Anthony Verrazano Team Racing 1
Neil Donahue East End Cycling Club 1
Broden Kelly Cleveland Cycling Academy 1
Ben Sunde Brevard College 1
Chris Garrison University of Pittsburgh 1
Sean Sorbie NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 1
Corky Semler Eat'n Park Cycling Team/n+1 1
Robert Szymczak CRCA 1
David Tambellini 1 Lap 1
Gordon Hilleque Century Road Club Assoc 1
Gabe Bowman Revolution Cycle Sports 1
Agustin Flores L & D Cycles 1
Ian Liebler Colonial Revolution 1
Cesar Sosa Globe Life Family Heritge Div. 1
Justin Mathers N/A 1
Rhys Edwards Team Sustainable Cycling 1
Matthew Schechter Big Hit Racing 1
Thomas Benoit Unattached 1
Glenn Schneider Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT 1
Ethan Turner VERMONT 1
Cesar Vargas Team Mondongo 1
Patrick Pereira Unattached 1
Samuel Martinez CRCA / Burrowes Brothers Bikes 1
Dave Heck Fulgas 1
Joel Niesche Unattached 1
Jeremiah Still Mermaid Winery 1
Bradley Gordon Unattached 1
Thomas Pichieri GFFELITE 1
Craig Lebair Philadelphia Ciclismo 1
Jake Simons Competitive Edge Racing 1
Humberto Hernandez Verrazano Team Racing 1
David Freifelder Westwood Cycle 1
Irvin Green DMV Caribbean Ridazz 1
Nick Boo Bucknell Cycling Team 1
Steven Shaffer Roy & Associates Racing 1
Kwame Edwards 3 Laps 1
Hank Shoemaker Velocious Sport 1
Alden Weinhold Bike Works p/b Fred Beans 1
Sam Hersick GFF Triathlon / Pgh North 1
Mark Walter 717 Cycling club 1
Michael Zurak Rogue Racing p/b Sail Away Coffee 1
Daniel Villaflor-drumwright DC Velo Racing 1
Sebastian Silberman Kelly Benefits Strategies 1
Noel Medrano District Taco 1
Nicolas Amato Community Bicycle Racing 1
Brad Helmetsie Beer Tree Cycling Team 1
Andrew Pierre US Naval Academy 1
Mark Danniballe V3 endurance 1
Keith Kemper Team Alliance Environmental 1
Dustin Schuemann Jigawatt Cycling 1
Kyle Irwin Cumberland Valley Collective p/ 1
Nelson Repenning The Meteor 1
Samuel Turner CCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling 1
Paul Drees Market Edge 1
Lee Reavis Carolina Masters 1
Dennis Crockett Antietam Velo Club presented by Michelob Ultra 1
Yoel Borego Globalbike Racing Team 1
Shawn Wilson Fields Auto/UPMC Sports Med-ProBike and Run 1
Brandon Davis BikeFitRVA p/b Trek 1
Tuck Masker PROthirteen p/b Corner Cycle 1
Bryan Bonn Independent Health Cycling Team 1
David Neumer Paralyzed Veterans Racing 1
James Edwards Jigawatt Cycling p/b Carolina Ale House 1