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USAC Upgrade Points

This is our interpretation of the USAC Upgrade Points calculations.

DISCLAIMER #1: This calculation assumes that ALL racers in a given category count toward the "starters" count for upgrade points; that is, in a 3/4 race with 30 starters, cat 4 upgrade points will be based on 30 riders, but cat 3 upgrade points should only be based on the number of Cat 3's in the race; however the query to calculate that is A FREAKING NIGHTWARE so we calculate both at 30 riders. So basically, we award more upgrade points than we should in this case. Just so ya know.

DISCLAIMER #2: This includes masters races, unsanctioned races, OBRA races, Collegiate races, training races, ETC. Do these count for upgrade points? Depends who you ask. You should not use this list as anything more than a starting point for considering who might be due for an upgrade. If you go calling someone out on the internet based on this page, before clicking their profile and engaging your COMMON SENSE, the gods of snap judgement will strike you down with a flat tire in the final k of the next race you enter. You have been warned.
Upgrade points in the last months for within miles of zip code
John Arias Cuevas Cycling Development 63
Quintin Chiapperino Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 50
Stephen Hall PA Lightning 46
Max Davis Century Road Club Assoc 45
Juan Suarez CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 42
Iain Mackeith NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 41
Jason Hagan Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Forensic - Su 40
Anthony Santana 0 39
Edwin Morel CRCA/Team Talent Cycles 37
Frank Shewmaker Artemis Racing 33
Nelson Odreman Kim's Bike Shop Racing Team 33
Ismael Collado acosta CRCA/Foundation 31
Jeremy Rae St Catharines CC 31
Andrew Muir Community Bicycle Racing 31
Palo Samko ivanarokytova@yahoo.com 31
Colin Fitzgerald CS Velo 30
Julius Erwin quito CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 29
Michael Morris Team Bike Loft East 29
William Weigand CRCA / Team Patch.com 29
Henry Bostian Montclair Bikery Development Team 28
Kyle Konopnicki North American Velo 28
Samuel Torres Triangle Cyclists 28
Jed Young PCP Race Team 28
William Gerboth Skylands Cycling 28
Jan Micko Brands Super Awesome Racing 27
Christopher M. jones Arrow Bicycle 27
Christophe Palazzi CRCA Echelon Cycles 27
William Downing CRCA/Foundation 26
Boguslaw Wielgos CRCA/Foundation 25
Kevin Chapman THS Cycling 25
Chris Weddington Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV 25
Patrick Jarenwattananon District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro 25
Mark Gorman L'equipe DeVille 25
Dylan Bibic Midweek CC 24
Luiz Lanfredi CRCA/Foundation 24
Zac Ooi CRCA/Century Road Club Development Foundation 24
Christian Tanguy RBS Cycling Team 24
Kenrick Caesar Major Taylor Development Team 23
Michael Podzaline Scorpion Racing 23
Andrew Petti CRCA/Century Road Club Developm 23
Julian Georg Syracuse University 22
Rafael Meran Aero Cycling 22
Mario Irvin crespo Montclair Bikery Racing 22
Rich Spencer CRCA/To Be Determined 22
David Lopez District Taco Racing 21
Alex Smith Unattached 21
John Campio Arias Sportswear 21
James Joseph Ws united 21
Dillon Swaim Prima Tappa p/b Mansfield Oil 21
Eric Anderson Team Somerset 20
Jonathan Lewis NCCH Elite p/b MGCC 20
Noel Medrano CaryTown Bicycle Co 20
William Joachin Phase cycling 19
Jason Wood Tri State Velo 19
Peter Hoag The Bike Zone/ Dansville Collision 19
Stephen D'amico Premium Mortgage Cycling 18
Edward Dawkins Cycling Southland 18
Robert Rutkowski Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 18
Krzysztof Jedrzejewski WWVC Racing 18
Hamzah Eastman Team Coco's 17
Joseph Emmerling CRCA/RBNY Racing-Verge Sport 17
Reed Livengood Hollyloft/Alfies Cycling Team 17
Geraldo Peralta Whole Wheel Velo Club 16
Karl michael Rahn CRCA/The Weather Channel Specia 16
Jeffrey Miesemer MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q 16
Stefan Tessoun Team Marty's 16
Jim Elsner Tioga Velo 16
Grayson Church District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 16
Olbap Rojas SKY 16
Erik Ostergaard Super Squadra 16
Andreas Fliessgarten Team Mbel Ehrma 16
Chris King Team Top Gear Bicycles 16
Sam Friedman Phase Cycling 16
Conor Delanbanque Unattached 16
Justin Wheeler West Chester Cycling Club 16
Christopher Forenbaher 0 16
Robert Leipler Toms Pro Bike 16
Ismael Collado CRCA/Lupus Racing Team 16
Tannon Blankenship Richmond Velo Sport 16
Roman Onosovski Century Road Club Assoc 16
Lawrence Lauderman iii Marietta Adventure Company 15
Nicholas Latham Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV 15
Calvin Martin CS velo 15
Linton Brandon Thru-It-All Cycling Team 15
Noah Altman Century Road Club Assoc 15
Ryan Fitzgerald Rapha Cycling Club 15
Matt Loftus Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G 15
Stephen Sambrano Guy's Racing Club 15
Kevin Westover SPOKES-n-SKIS 15
Christopher Cheetham CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC 15
Jon Yu Trianglecyclist 15
Christopher Battles Ride Oswego County 15
Doug O'Neill CRCA/Deno's Wonder Wheel 15
Chris Crane Whole Wheel Velo Club 15
Gordon Wadsworth Blue Ridge Cyclery / Pivot Cycles 14
Matthew Maddox VELOBREW 14
Willie Payton Death Row Velo p/b Ridgewood C 14
Chip Berezny Peaks Coaching Group Race Team 14
Joe Hallman Divine Swine Cycling 14
Peter Van susteren Race City Cycling 14
James Hawkins Crca/Maglia Rosa Nyc 14
Ryan Larson VR2209 14
Jeff Sipos Campus WheelWorks 14
Andrew Mclaren Veloworks-Spokes Etc 13
Joshua Woodson WWVC Racing 13
Jeremy Vaughan Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 13
Pedro Maya Whole Wheel Velo Club 13
Patrick Sutton US Military Endurance Sports 13
Abe Ehlers Artemis Racing 13
Diego Rodriguez VR2209 13
Jake Castor Once Again Nut Butter multi sport racing/LCC 13
Marshall Johnson CLR Racing 13
Aidan Dixon Rock Creek Velo 13
Paul Yeates CRCA/Rockstar Games 13
Brendan Pearce CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Pennell Ventu 13
Curtis Southern NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 13
Brian Goodman n/a 13
Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA - Ashe 13
David Margolin High Gear / Trek / WW 12
Chris Loehner Brands Super Awesome Racing 12
Eric Moore Les Amis/Up State Junior Cycling 12
Aaron Barr Divine Swine Cycling 12
Douglas Plowman District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 12
Spencer Moavenzadeh Monster Media Racing 12
Tyler Honey Millersburg Velo Club 12
Trimane Goddard Phase Cycling 12
Thomas Howser Southeast Velo Racing 12
Austin King CRCA/Team Patch NYC Velo 12
Lee Showers Hilton Head Cycling Inc 12
Tim Mullins Carytown Bicycle Company 12
Timothy Paul Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Spo 12
Patrick Gellineau Team Somerset 12
Theodor Schnaufer Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing/Livingston Cycling Club 12
Heath Thumel Race Pace Bicycles/ I9 12
Douglas Plantada PPR 12
Jorge Garcia Nomad 12
Carleton Bowen National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare 12
Curtis Alia NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 12
Nicholas Roberts TTown Elite 12
Christopher Hardee Rock Creek Velo 12
Brent Vollrath Blue Bell Private Wealth Management p/b 12
Andrew Leone CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 12
Lucho Rodriguez Talleres Roberto Rodr’guez - Guatemala 12
Geron Williams CRCA/Foundation 11
Loren Barisch World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team 11
Osias Lozano Hilton Head Cycling/BlufftonBikes/RobsonForensics 11
Michael Carnahan HILTON HEAD CYCLING 11
Jackson Vogel Crca Development Foundation 11
Sam Chalk Live it Extreme 11
Owen Musser Blue Mountain Velo 11
Zac Olszewski Vortex Cycling Club 11
Giacomo Vischi Kissena Cycling Club 11
Jason Hartman Unattached 11
Carlos Alberto abundis lopez 0 11
Andres Sola Unattached 11
Nat Faulkner Morning Glory Cycling Club 11
Thomas Rotherham Maloja Pushbikers 11
David Van horn Projekt 11
Andrew Buchanan Team Cycle Solutions 11
Thomas Cipolla Brands Cycle/Roslyn Porsche 11
Slawomir Podwojniak Summit Cycling Team DQ 11
Ed Slaughter Morgan Stanley / Marketing Edge 11
Michael Wierzbicki Richmond Velo Sport 11
Edward Sirya 0 11
Edward Bennett CRCA/Lupus Racing Team 11
Angelo Calilap The 5Th Floor Nyc 11
Jason Lindemuth Divine Swine cycling 10
Graham Thomas Wheels of Bloor 10
Michael Russo Battley Harley-Davidson/BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc 10
Richard Nance Hearts Racing Club 10
Tim Brundage Cyclewerx of Rochester 10
Michael Homan Pearland Cycling Race Team 10
Brian Hale Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Forensic - Su 10
Nathaniel Altom Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV 10
Stephen Kohr Cowbell Racing P/b World Bicycle Relief 10
Dan Ciabattoni Team FEC p/b Trek Bikes 10
Jeremy Siedor Kelly Benefit Strategies/lsv 10
Neil Isola Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 10
Paskal Lamour Century Road Club Assoc 10
Marcello Cesario CS Velo 10
Frankie Ross Sette Nove 10
John Rachfal CS Velo 10
Sean Baker MIDWEEK 10
Grayson Rosenfeld Tulane University of Louisiana 10
Steve Weaber Divine Swine Cycling 10
Brad Green CS Velo 10
Volodymyr Spantchak Pittsfotd painting/Trek/Towpath Bike 10
Marc Cesare CRCA/Deno's Wonder Wheel Masters Bicycle Racing Team 10
Pascal Sauvayre CRCA/Rockstar Games 10
Wade Jacobsen Ocean Velo Club 10
Christoper Uthgenannt wooden wheels racing 10
Paul Mccarthy Rapha Cycling Club 10
Justin Badlam Bike Rack Racing 10
Edward Anderson AXEON HAGENS BERMAN 10
Guenther Jason Natalies Orchid Island Juice 10
Jeremy Burkhardt Charm City Cycling LLC/C3-Twenty20cycling.com 10
Ryan Lee CS Velo 10
Sebastian Vidal Kissena Cycling Club 10
Sean Price Whole Wheel Velo Club 10
Chris Beck Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team 10
Michael Bissette ProNuVis 10
Nicholas Toscano Crca/rbny Racing - Verge Sport 9
Michael Anderson PHASE CYCLING 9
Eli Grosser Rock Creek Velo 9
Gorret Thompson Berger Hardware Bikes 9
William Hoer Skylands Cycling 9
James Beacham 0 9
Matthew Rankin Team Towpath powered by Rochest 9
Ted Michaels Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 9
Ray Plewacki Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 9
Sean Chisham VeloWorks-Spokes Etc 9
Nolan Montiel Grand Bicycle Center 9
Godfrey Pollydore Cure 9
Thomas Godfrey NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 9
Matthew Jogodnik Montclair Bikery Development Team 9
Steve Patterson Charlottesville Racing Club 9
Colin Fischer CHEERBACKS of Fat Frogs Racing 9
Sean Herring 410323 9
Francisco Covas National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 9
Samuel Santos Independence Cycling 9
J Rorech Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling 9
John Levkulic Gotham Cyclists 9
Jacek Boral Healthy and Happy Racing 9
Shaun Walsh SouthEast Endurance Project 9
Stephen Kefer E3: Endurance 9
Philip Maynard Live Sweet 9
Carlos Zamarripa Jigawatt Cycling 9
Andrew Dudle South Mountain Cycle and Cafe 9
Kevin Hsieh CRCA/KruisCX 8
Elliott Baring Prima Tappa Cycling p/b Mansfield Oil 8
Louisgie Shoy Mineola Bicyle Racing Team 8
Carlos Walton MIneola Bicycle Racing Team 8
Brian Romberger Adventures for the Cure 8
Caleb Oliver Ocean Velo Club/Culver Pierson Housing Solutions 8
Jim Palmer Outspokin Bicycles - Augusta 8
Stefan Singer Crca / Team Veselka 8
Zachary Williams Golden Isle Cycling 8
Terry Rice Silverspokes Cycling Club 8
Jonathan Capozzi Local Openers p/b Tenspeed Hero 8
David Bennett Karma Racing Team 8
Adriano Hauck Rohan Cycling 8
Evan Christenson Swami's Cycling Club 8
Richard Scaduto Projekt 8
Derek Wilford Team Spin / Litzler Automation 8
John Dove DistrictTaco Racing 8
Brian Schworm Think Green-Bicycle Face p/b SWORD 8
Michael Novemsky Montclair Bikers 8
Chris Ballard CRCA/GF Capital/ H&E Ent. 8
Robert Grimwood World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team 8
Dennis Crockett AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co 8
Gunnar Shogren Pathfinder p/b Coffee a 8
Scott Steward Team Cycle Solutions 8
Robb Lee Team Beyer Auto/Dc Velo 8
Grant Carter T-Town Elite 8
Darren David Artemis Racing 8
Felipe Schaun machado 0 8
Mark *cowin Pro Pedals Racing 8
Emmett Gross 0 8
Joel Yates Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U25 Develop 8
David Shuck CRCA 8
Kevin Ellsworth TEAM NOVO NORDISK 8
William Wahl Psracing/btb 8
Giona Fabbri Crca Development Foundation 8
Gabriel Tonin Cuevas Cycling Development 8
Joshua Noggle Century Road Club Assoc 8
Kit Mckeown CRCA/Team Patch NYC Velo 8
Stephen Mack none 8
Nick Glavac Team Lake Effect Cycling 8
Oliver Campbell Midweek Cycling Club 8
Steven Drost Adventures for the Cure 8
William Craig University of Maryland-College Park 8
Andrew Idell Wooden Wheels Racing 8
Ed Veal RealDeal D'Ornellas p/b Garneau 8
Benjamen Shrewsberry AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co 8
Joshua Graves Syracuse Bicycle Race Team 8
Jesus Martinez Nycc Racing P/b Bgc Partners 8
Andrew Nelson NCVC/United Healthcare 8
Ian Berry Unattached 8
Eric Williams Bicycle Therapy 7
Lwichy Jimenez Karma Racing Team 7
Adam Wojcik Local Openers p/b Tenspeed Hero 7
Juan Henriquez CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 7
Dominic Socie Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Forensic - Su 7
Kevin Clark FloridaVelo 7
Patrick Elliott Team PBR p/b FindlayLaw.ca 7
Shane Kline Rally Cycling 7
Kenneth Decker Sons United Racing Team 7
Fisher Curran Monster Media Racing 7
Dennis *witmer Trolley Bikes 7
Robert Golding Unattached 7
Adrian Amos Full Spectrum Racing Virginia 7
Justin Brown Rogues Racing 7
Luis Saavedra Deluxe Cycles Racing 7
Gabriel Martin Jigawatt Cycling 7
David Mcnally CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club 7
Erik Engle Catoctin Cycling Club/HydroMonkies NSMI Cycling Team 7
Rudy Discua TRIANGLE 7
Jerry Arocho Berroa Racing 7
Steven Weiss National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 7
Russell Spaulding TFM_BC 7
Andeas Fliessgarten #N/A 7
Brendan Mcconnaughay Ncvc/unitedhealthcare 7
Mike Danko Bike Rack Racing 7
Roy Langley Unattached 7
Michael Mihalik Jmac Cycling Novacare 7
Aleksey Urusov Death Row Velo p/b Ridgewood C 7
James Mahlmann CRCA/Rockstar Games 7
Frederick Billet Tri State Velo/Amoroso 7
Matthew Randolph Shirks Racing 7
Frank Yeager Team Carytown Bicycle Company 7
Jonathan Martinez Nissan/Rva 7
Frank Cundiff Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association 7
Joe Straub Death Row Velo 7
David Freifelder Westwood Velo 7
David Stauffer NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 7
Matthew Clements Bike Doctor/Visit Frederick 7
Nilsson Ruiz Karma Racing Team 7
Patrick Walford Kryki Sports 7
Richard Sorenson Peak Racing/Valley Bike & Ski Werks/Pactimo 7
Paul Mcdonald The Velo Shop / Lehigh Wheelmen 7
Michael Tabasko Team Bike Doctor 7
Justin Forney AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington 7
Andy Cicero Rise Above Cycles 7
Aaron Mcnany Lackawanna Valley Racing Team p 7
Jeremy Borden Attaquer 7
Jonathan Guiza Sherpa Cycling 7
Tommy Mccauley Phase Cycling 7
William Leet Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G 7
Brent Hinkle Active Yards 7
Rhandie Thompson MILITARY 7
Kenny Cox VELOBREW 7
Miles Whitford Montclair Bikery Development Te 7
Colin Walmsley Crca/good Guys Racing P/b Highw 7
Carter Schultz Wooden Wheels Racing 7
Nick Felix Hilton Head Cycling Inc 7
Jun Sugai Chari & Co. 7
Christopher Rowley Fitwin.com Cycling Team 7
Scott Hannan Atlas Cycling Team 7
John Hain Optimum Performance Coaching 7
Brett Tremaine Iron Bridge/Tarmac Cycling 7
Dorian Spencer Universal 7
Guy Preston VeloBrew Cycling Club 7
Jesse Foster Artemis 7
Aaron Delong Charlottesville Racing Club/Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G 7
Ryan Knight Charm City Cycling LLC/C3-Twenty20cycling.com 6
John Cservek Adventures for the Cure 6
Aaron Mccarter Hollyloft/Alfies Cycling Team 6
Huntley Nash Prima Tappa Cycling p/b Mansfield Oil 6
Joshua Faine USMES 6
Benjamin Spain 4th Dimension Fitness 6
Nick Cordaro District Taco Racing 6
Tom Lennon Unattached 6
Lee Reavis Carolina Cycling Team 6
Luke Osborn Charm City Cycling LLC/C3-Twenty20cycling.com 6
Michael Lavengood Pro Mountain Outfitters 6
Ryan Buerman National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare 6
Clay Moulton VeloWorks-Spokes Etc 6
Ryan Enschede CRCA/Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterWomen 6
James Joswick Unattached 6
Johan Abreu CRCA/e2Value 6
Torrence Rogers stl mtn 6
Wanya Cave Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Raci 6
Ian Witkowski Young Medalists 6
Randy Hadzor Mello Velo / Variety Studios / RABIN LAW 6
Silas Clark Team Hb Hilltop 6
Steven Kurth Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers C 6
Ezra Kahn Charm City Cycling LLC 6
Jonathan Gibson Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing 6
David Flaten US Air Force 6
William Boone Once Again Nut Butter 6
Jonathan Bottoms Toms Pro Bike 6
Mark Austin Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 6
Philip Bennett daniels Dangerous Creatures 6
Alexander Barouh Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 6
Lawrence Uhrlass Mag Racing 6
David Grant Bike Line 6
Carl Reglar Verge Sport / Test Pilot 6
Donald Powers UPMC Pro Bikes 6
David Leibowitz Tarmac Cycling/Iron Bridge Consulting 6
Cameron Quick Phase Cycling 6
Bob Gillespie Sportif Coaching 6
Paul Livelli Artemis Racing 6
Matthew Sauer Live it Xtreme 6
Adam Spatz Unattached 6
Sean Conway Tom's Pro Bike 6
Sean Handerhan Aero Tech Designs 6
Laurent Rivard QCW Cycling 6
John Mustard World Cup Ski & Cycle Race Team 6
Orian Falk-dotan Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton Contracting 6
Mark Kavanagh Wwvc Racing 6
Manasij Venkatesh University of Maryland-College Park 6
Leonardo Torcat Pure Power Bike Shop 6
Darrin Arbaugh Artemis Racing 6
Alexander Truitt 0 6
Daniel Same CS Velo 6
Larry Parker VR2209 6
Chris Hill Team Bike Doctor 6
William Hubsch Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV 6
Eric Steffen FITTED NYC Inc. 5
Scott Butler The Velo Shop/LWA 5
Elliott Cheresh Bike Rack Racing 5
David Rodgers DistrictTaco Racing 5
Javier Zamarripa Jigawatt Cycling 5
Shea Devine Team FEC p/b Trek Bikes 5
Michael Chaney Unattached 5
Mark Hagen Charm City Cycling/ 5
Sam Roach Miller School of Albemarle 5
Joseph Lewis Holowesko Citadel p/b Hincapie 5
Ed Bennett Kitty Hoynes 5
Ahmed Qureshi Velocipede P/B Quadtec Solutions 5
Allan Ganly CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 5
Aaron Richardson V-DAY 5
Bruce Raymer Bicycles Plus 5
Marcel Badertscher Morning Glory Cycling Club 5
Caleb Aoake Team Novo Nordisk 5
Tony Leong S'ville Bikes/ Lee and Associates Race Team 5
Anthony Macula Livingston Cycling Club 5
James Schuler Independent Health Cycling 5
Krzysztof Kurzawinski kurzawinski coach-bike zone 5
Torin Laliberte Sunapee Racing / Buchika's Ski and Bike 5
Kyle Hanson Cutaway/Ridge Supply 5
Colin Kelly Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Racing Team 5
John Beardsley Nycc Racing P/b Bgc Partners 5
Nicholas Diniz NCCH p/b MGCC 5
Edison Marulanda Unattached 5
Henry Germakne University of Maryland 5
Babalola Ajisafe Berroa Racing 5
Romain Leidelinger Espoir Cycliste Stephanois 5
Aj Camelio CCB Racing 5
Stefan Gissler Unattached 5
Luca Greenspun ROCK CREEK VELO 5
Brian Main 0 5
Nick Taylor DistrictTaco Racing 5
Fischer Maris Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 5
Christopher Danko NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 5
Daniel Schoeff NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 5
Michael Edwards Phase Cycling 5
David Fuentes Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 5
Chris Heaton Sportcity Velo 5
Matt Lapinski SSCC/Husted Associates 5
Jesse Shotland Deluxe Cycles Racing 5
Meyer Jonathan 1K2GO Sports 5
Tomas Martinez Berroa Racing 5
Ricky Everington Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds GMC/Subaru 5
Dylan Stagner Great Eskape 5
David Wolfel 2 Laps 5
Zachary Berkow DistrictTaco Racing 5
Paul Rades Unattached 5
Dwayne Clinton Wheel House 5
Kevin Kolodziejski Shirk's Racing Masters Team 5
Alan Potter Team Fit Werx 5
Alec Ratzell CS Velo 5
David Faso Bike Loft East 5
Gregory Low BonkWerx 5
Andrew Williams THS Cycling 5
James Miceli PTS Racing 5
Andreas Runggatscher Finkraft Cycling Team 5
Dylan Johnson Cameron MTB 5
Jeremy Hunter Thru It All Body Shop 5
Aaron Atwater SouthEast Endurance Project 5
Jeff Clayton Georgia Neurosurgical Institute 5
Thomas Robinson Team Hive | Shickluna Bikes / Buffalo Bicycling Club 5
Anthony Sylor Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing p/b LCC 5
Mykel Nahorniak District Velocity Racing/District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop 5
Scott Farrell Buffalo Bicycling Club 5
Michael Kingery Team Beyer Auto 5
Patrick Robertson HILTON HEAD CYCLING 5
Jose Armas D Proffesional 5
Adam Perez Happy Tooth Elite Racing 5
Manuel Frias South Shore Bicycle & Fitness 5
Michael Bodick T K Specialties 5
Andrew Nicholas RPI 5
Scott Kozicki DistrictTaco Racing 5
Cole Ellison Middlebury Cycling 5
Chris Schreck Premium Mortgage Cycling Team 5
Cj Burford Keenz p/b Mission Source 5
Jacques Cormier MIDWEEK CYCLING 5
Trevor Vowles Local Openers p/b Ten Speed Hero 5
Filagot Dinku DistrictTaco Racing 5
Khrystopher Murrell Century Road Club Assoc 5
Scott Coblentz Antietam Velo Club 5
Spencer Perry Premium Mortgage Cycling Team 5
Cliff Mueller Monster Media Racing 5
Rodney Dender Masters Cycling Systems LLC. 5
Kerry Humphrey Carolina Cycling Team 5
Kyle Irwin Antietam Velo Club 5
Jose Daniel diaz Cuevas Cycling Development 5
Richard Camping Team Towpath powered by Rochest 5
Stephen Jamison Lupus/CRCA 5
Olof Dallner Crca/foundation 5
Jon Chmielowiec Campus Wheelworks 5
Pedro Hijar Kelly Benefits Strategies / LSV 5
Logan Breed NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 5
Ziyu Jin Jigawatt Cycling 5
Wes Tillman Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 5
Jeff Safrit Southeast Velo Racing 4
Richard Russomano Century Road Club of America 4
Daniel Mullen QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes.com 4
First name Last name Team 4
Stephen Alexander CRCA/Foundation 4
Mynor Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing 4
Sean Dee Team Evergreen Cycling 4
Ronald Chrastina Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing 4
Anwar Gorham Kelly Benefit Strategies / LSV 4
Troy Rutherford Premium Mortgage Cycling Team 4
Grayson Wickel upstate junior cycling 4
Robert Andrew Sklar Masters Racing 4
An Ha Sons United Racing Team 4
Clayton Griffin Oceanic Racing 4
Landon Short Bike Rack Racing 4
Christopher Neureiter National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 4
Mauricio Daza American Velo Club 4
Nick Demarchi TBS Racing 4
Alex Federman Century Road Club Assoc 4
John Hawley syracuse bicycle 4
Scott Wisseman PTS Racing 4
Michel Carrillo Unattached 4
Nathaniel Moser Young Medalists 4
Lance Davidson Outspokin' Bicycles 4
Brandon Carboni Rock Creek Velo/Filz Built Racing 4
Chris Reardon DistrictTaco Racing 4
Jonathan Hall Unattached 4
Ramiro Satizabal Fat Frogs Racing 4
John Bonetsky R-Cubed 4
Peter Kreuser Oak City Cycling Project 4
Michael Osborne VeloBrew Cycling Club 4
James Gilbert Nycc Racing P/b Bgc Partners 4
Eric Noonan Team Marty's 4
Richard Creed Revolution Cycle Sports 4
Jordan Snyder Novacare 4
Tomas Ketcham Century Road Club Assoc 4
Ransford Robinson Cycle Depot Racing Team 4
Andrew Da silva Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 4
Edward Krasnai classiccycling.com 4
Stephen Cochrane MAMBO KINGS 4
Tim Borsetti Cycles54 4
Christopher Bushover Queen City Cyclists 4
Glenn Sandefur Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Forensic - Su 4
Gus Ferrer Big Wheel Sunrise 4
Jonathan Baker CycleweRx of Rochester 4
Brad Harman Carolina Cycle Tours Racing 4
Ryan Wei Team Clif Bar Cycling 4
Scott Somers Team 2 Cycling 4
Daghan Perker Century Road Club Assoc 4
Gregorino Cordasco Liberty Cycle 4
Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buchikas 4
Leon Lyakovetsky CRCA/e2Value 4
Gregg Galletta CRCA/Rockstar Games 4
Jack Drummond Arrow Racing 4
Jonathan Marshall Integrated Sports Medicine p/b Brown's S 4
Scott Gamble Chester County Velo 4
Phil Batten Empire Brewing - Syracuse Bicyc 4
Kevin Molloy CRCA / The Weather Channel Spec 4
Rich Straub Stan's NoTubes Snotrockets & Shoe Repair 4
Sean Oreilly Guys Racing 4
Darren Hartman World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team 4
Patrick Blair Adventures For the Cure 4
William Evans BikeWorks Racing 4
Jeff Craddock CHEERBACKS of Fat Frogs Racing 4
Simon Thrush Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 4
Alexander Wall CRCA/Foundation 4
Max Vickerman SEAVS/Haymarket 4
Shane Montgomery Aero Tech Designs Facto 4
Thomas Semadeni GFNY Racing 4
Peter Burgos Unattached 4
James Laird PEAK RACING 4
Daniel Swan Gulf South Bicycle Racing Club 4
Benjamin Kuch Toms Pro Bike 4
Kurt Augenblick WCBC 4
Ben Shaklee Jacks Bicycle Center/Homegrown Racing 4
Roger Masse Rare Disease Cycling 4
Lauren Cantwell Moonstomper 4
Britt Mason The Bike Lane 4
Dmitiry Ponkratov Team Novo Nordisk 4
Marlies Garcia Weber 4
Thomas Klaben jr MSR Racing 4
Mauro Agostini Team Argentina 4
Christopher Pulomena Unattached 4
Sebastian Campino pedroza Boro to Bike 4
Nicholas Basalyga In The Saddle 4
Irvin Green Unattached 4
Christopher Scott Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition 4
Shafiq Abdulrahim CRCA/Major Taylor 4
Pushkin Crocker Rock Creek Velo 4
Tom Mcconnell Redwood Realty Advisors 4
Zachary Safford ROCK CREEK VELO 4
Peter Tyson Team Bikenetic 4
Steve Quenneville Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club 4
Charlie Sponsel TEAM ROBOT 4
Nick Koleszar CCAP/Sherpa Cycling 4
Steve Walker Monster Media Racing 4
Ian Clark CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 4
Brian Degnan TBS Racing 4
Scott Stewart Syracuse Bicycle Race Team 4
Dan Montgomery Skylands Cycling 4
Nick Ilyashevich National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 4
Cobie Arnold Deluxx Bikes 4
Ryan Little THS Cycling 4
Robert Artiga parker Team Cornerstone - FL 3
Trevor August Park Ave Bike 3
Marc Sawicki Southeast Velo Racing 3
Wesley Haggstrom Hearts Racing 3
James Nicholson 0 3
August Guba Tioga Velo Club 3
Daniel Wilson Unattached 3
Ethan Carney Livingston Cycling Club 3
Sean Noonan 36 Street Racing 3
Jeffery Schiller To Wheels Epic Sports Performance 3
Henri Simon JAMSQUAD Cycling 3
Joshua Lewis Rivet 5 Racing-verge 3
Jensen Esteves CRCA/e2Vaue 3
Mark Wartski The Electric Banana Cycling Pro 3
Sam Guzman Integrated Sports Medicine p/b 3
Mark Thompson PCP Race Team 3
Andrew Kless University of Rochester Cycling 3
Chris Scallion Jigawatt Cycling 3
Krishna Gupta ROCK CREEK VELO 3
Christopher Peltzer La Prima Espresso 3
Brad Hawk Team Bikenetic 3
Voltaire Arradaza Team BLG/GBC 3
Jason Arne Duke University 3
Andrew Oliver Fat Frogs Racing 3
Rick Wood Tolero Racing 3
Tanner Cookson Fitwin.com Cycling Team 3
John Jameson Unattached 3
Sean Guydish Young Medalists 3
William Rueckert CCAP West Hartford ERRACERs 3
Benjamin Gorodetsky Kosher Cyclists 3
Dwayne Burgess Brands Super Awesome Racing 3
Arturo Johnson KMS Cycling - Killington Mountain School 3
Jonah Hudson-erdman Carleton College 3
Dan Henry The Bike Rack/Bike Rack Racing 3
Jonathan Elison Unattached 3
Jason Combs VeloWorks-Spokes Etc 3
Jp Moncada DART fueled by The Collins Quarter 3
Ryan Daly 0 3
Lester Deleon Litc 3
Robert Taylor Ocean Velo Club 3
Ted Cadieux CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 3
Noah Morris Bike Loft East 3
Andy Sunderland Race Pace MTB Team 3
Laura Hamm Moonstomper 3
Kathy Judson Racer X/ JBSRT /Flying high over 55 3
Jason Kinger Flat Tire Co. Bike Shop 3
James Krizan CRCA 3
Jonah Vasquez Clockwork Construction 3
Mitchell Jacobs Rock Creek Velo 3
John Petrylak Scott Pro MTB Team/Bike Factory/ESI grips/Bishop T 3
Zac Plett Century Road Club Development F 3
Charles Roberts Unattached 3
Adrian Pavia Unattached 3
Robert Ryan Team Somerset 3
David Hussey Cycles 54 / Xrcel 3
Adam Fulcher DistrictTaco Racing 3
Frank Smith Mad Alchemy Rider Cooperative 3
Adam Croft Bear Development Team / Virginia Forest Resources 3
Jake Lifson Team GPOA 3
Eric Wallenburg Pro Pedals Racing 3
Allan Wallace Team Bike Doctor 3
Gregory Drumm Empire Brewing - Syracuse Bicycle 3
Craig Lebair philadelphia ciclismo 3
Richard Karaz GS MVBC 3
Jay Trojan Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team 3
Eli Hengst Battley Harley-Davidson/BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc 3
William Care Thru-It-All 3
Robert Lattanzi Lupus/CRCA 3
Thierry Blanchet NAV - North American Velo 3
Mike Hyman Iron Bridge/Tarmac Cycling 3
John Compton Atlas Cycling Team 3
James Dix Chenango Point Cycles 3
Kevin Abbate Bill Bone Bike Law/LCT 3
? Unknown red kit 3
Eric Link 1 Lap 3
Raymond Willard Atlas Cycling Team 3
Daniel Jeske Chobani 3
Dennis Short PoWER 3
Richard Kazimir Century Road Club of America 3
Konrad Ratzmann Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 3
Christopher Rassekh QCW Cycling p.b.Breakaway Bikes.com 3
Chris Helbling east end cycling club 3
Rich Ross Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q 3
Randal Warren Downtown Asheville Racing Club (DARC) 3
John Paul amalong Constellation Cycling / Inland Construction 3
Stephen Jette New England Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mana 3
Jerry Kapko Deno'S Wonder Wheel Masters Bic 3
Timothy Beveridge SwashBuckler Brewing Co 3
Geoffrey Irwin National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare 3
Bradley Harger Full Spectrum Racing p/b Coqui Cyclery 3
Rob Chimento Syracuse Bicycle Race Team 3
Bob Latsha Millersburg Velo Club 3
Matt Ronan Independent Health 3
Rory Heinlein Once Again Nut Butter Multi Spo 3
Bryan Gomez Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development 3
Mark Machell Team Toms Bicycles p/b Topeca 3
Jason Hade Bike Doctor/Visit Frederick 3
Tom Carr Unattached 3
James Gonnason Cadence Racing PHL 3
William Jenkins Carolina Cycling Team 3
Chad Tavernia Team Placid Planet 3
Joshua Townes Rock Creek Velo 3
Timothy Burton Real Deal Racing 3
Joseph Clay Young Medalists 3
Xander Jones CCAP 3
Ryan Wiley THX 3
Gregory Jones The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing 3
Adam Choate Bikenetic Race Team 3
Ronald Koller Team Somerset 3
Bob Long Ocean Velo Club/Culver & Pierson Housing Solutions 3
Brian Shields Team Carytown Bicycle Company 3
James Giorgio Brands Cyclery 3
Yoelkis Aira South MIAMI BIKE SHOP 3
Carlos Fuentes HG Bike Shop 3
Alex Kasch NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 2
Daniel Santangelo BBC 2
Michael Grigat Carolina Cycling Team 2
Israel Arroyo Tuckahoe Bike Shop 2
Jacob Eisner Inland Construction/ C2 2
John Sylvester NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 2
Charlie Johnson Southwest Cycling Club Racing 2
Wasyel Danysh US Military Endurance Sports 2
Kenneth Hall Team Shake N' Bake/ Rudy Project/ Salon Bella Vita 2
William Walton Young Medalists 2
Mike Montalbano Race 4 Rescues 2
Eric Mason Divine Swine Cycling 2
Christopher Welch Killington Mountain School 2
Fred David CRCA/e2Value 2
Richard Wolter Clockwork Construction Inc./Tow 2
Roger Payne living water cycling 2
Trey Griffin PCP Race Team 2
Tim Dinger Merlo & Fahrney / FLY Racing 2
Kensaun Vadnais BOLD Racing Team 2
Peter Foytik Team Kainer 2
Presley Evans Endorphin Fitness Juniors 2
Josh Logan Team BBC p/b Baltimore Bicycle Works 2
Will O'brien Sweet Spot Cycling 2
Aidan Hoyt Tioga velo club 2
Lucas Beirne NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 2
Andre Gates NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 2
Dheva Raja 0 2
Greg Armstrong QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes.com 2
Benjamin Rabin Syracuse Bicycle Racing Team - Rabin Law Firm 2
C.d. Dickerson Team Elevate Racing 2
Kai Dove Endorphine Fitness PWC 2
Lance Provine Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor 2
Eduardo Aguayo Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle 2
Daniel Alicea KH-Pactimo p/b Century 2
Bram Carter Liberty Cycle 2
Will Mitchell DistrictTaco Racing 2
Daniel Riddle Full Spectrum Racing Virginia 2
Michael Coats Atlas CopcoTomlinson Law pb Sav. Wheelmen 2
Kenneth Sumrell James River Velo Sport (JRVS) 2
Casey Fulton CHEERBACKS of Fat Frogs Racing 2
Adam Northup Carytown Bicycle Company 2
Andre Randolph Bike Works Racing 2
Marc Kingsley CNYC/NYCM Insurance 2
Peter Thallner Guy's 2
Jim Van leer FLCC / Swan Cycles / Chris' Cookies 2
Josh Barrett Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Forensic - Su 2
Paul Lincoln 0 2
Roger Ainslie San Diego Bicycle Club 2
Matthew Kasprzak NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 2
Mark Holt JRVS 2
Joshua West B I C Y C L E T H E R A P Y 2
Jeffrey Condon Kissena Cycling Club 2
Matt Rosenberg KTMC Cycling p/b MDhealing 2
James Blair Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G 2
Scott Laliberte LaBicicletta 2
Tyler Waldron Team Bike Doctor 2
Joseph Baremore Team Beyer Auto 2
Jim Nicholson Team 2 Cycling 2
William Mcgreevy Team Placid Planet 2
Aubrey Gordon liberty cycle 2
Greg Cordasco Liberty Cycle 2
Unknown Rider 0 2
Glenn Babikian Finkraft Cycling Team 2
Philip Beliveau 1K2GO Sports 2
Douglas Crane Cafeteros Cycling club 2
Mark Paggioli CVC - Hartford Healthcare Sports Medicine 2
Keith Button CCB racing 2
David Hansen Empire Brewing/Syracuse Bicycles 2
Nathan Goates AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co 2
Kevin Saint clair Team SKYLINE 2
Joseph Manacchio Guys Racing Club 2
Andrew Buck Guys Racing / Peaks Coaching Group 2
Corey Knowles Buffalo Bicycling Club 2
Brian Beach Tioga Velo Club 2
Jeremy Gardner Finger Lakes Cycling Club 2
Anton Varabei TORONTO HUSTLE 2
Thomas Goetz Team Towpath powered by Rochester Solar 2
Michael King National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare 2
Scott Warren Bicycle Depot 2
Gerald Pflug Syndicate Cycling p/b P 2
Michael Spinnler AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co 2
Ed Grystar n+1 Cyclying pb BPU Fi 2
Michael Hosang Steel Mountain Cycling 2
Derek Powers The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing 2
Roger Friend MVC/BLUE WHEEL 2
Sonny Smith Ocean Velo Club/Culver & Pierson Housing Solutions 2
William Vickerman Novacare 2
Dmitry Kuliaev Lehigh University 2
Peter Goff Skylands Cycling 2
Kline Barfield ROBOSON FORENSIC? 2
Neil Etheridge Sweet spot cycling 2
John Moore Getting It In Cyclists Inc/Getting It In Cyclists 2
Quinn Breed National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 2
Corinne Walker Getting It In Cyclists, Inc 2
Marcus Cox Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Spo 2
Patrick Derocher CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 2
Zachary Duris Full Moon Vista 2
Timmy Downs Dover Downs Racing 2
Sharon Maloid Bike Doctor Frederick 2
James Litzinger Syndicate Cycling p/b Pro Bike + Run 2
Joseph Lewis Holowesko Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear 2
Samuel Berkun Bikes On Wheels 2
Daniel Hicks Finger Lakes Cycling Club 2
Steven Mongielo Buffalo Bicycling Club 2
Matt Janzen St. Catharines Cycling Club 2
Ryan Popple LWC Field Marshal 2
Caleb Goodhouse Ride Studio Cafe / Ride Headquarters 2
Ian Buss T-Town Elite 2
Ed Jablonski Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV 2
Orelvys Nieves Port City Racing 2
Peter Treacy Newmarket Eagles 2
Nathan Harris 0 2
Andre Abdool Cure8 Group p/b Roy's Sheepshea 2
Luke Lysdahl Bissell/abg Cycling Club 2
Michael Willett CRCA/GFNY Racing 2
Phil Corbin Unattached 2
Jonathan Trevett Team Patch.com 2
Chris Trimble Team Cueavas 2
Nicholas Leeper CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 2
Patrick Ryan Unattached 2
Corban Burford Keenz presented by Mission Source 2
Andrei Sdrula Verrazano Team Racing 2
Dieter Egli CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners 2
Fedor Wouda Karma Racing Team 2
Leeny Adelsberger Apple Supply Hockey 2
Cody Buford Southeast Velo Racing 2
Justin Wood CRCA/e2Value 2
Eamonn Schnell Oberlin College 2
Greg Maccarty Team FEC p/b Trek Bikes 2
Jason Cooper The Bike Rack/Bike Rack Racing 2
Spencer Line HPC 2
Ben Savoie CNYC/NYCM Insurance 2
Korey Szapacs Infinite Cycles 2
Sean Walsh Unattached 2
Brock Alexander towpath 2
Benedikt Schiermeyer Live it Xtreme 2
Michael Schweizer Long Tail Creative 2
Tyler Brown SOS 2
Jason Griffin Team Roger C Peace 2
Brad Loyd Remote Geo Cycling Team 2
Vincent Madaffari ABRT 2
Anson Wright T-Town Elite 2
Andsz Flaksis Holowesko Citadel p/b Hincapie 2
Christopher Nakamura Maryland Cycling 2
Austin Sheffer Virginia Tech Cycling 2
Eric Domonell Oak City Cycling Project Race Team 2
Raymond Little Perimeter Roofing Racing 2
Devin Jones Levine Law Group Elite Cycling Team 2
Divaldo Ceballo South MIAMI BIKE SHOP 2
Ben Lepene SEAVS/Haymarket 2
Dj Toback Cuevas Cycling Development 2
Jose Solis Unattached 1
David Tucker cycle haus 1
Franz Loyola Squadra Coppi 1
Jose Garcel Unattached 1
Damon Lecompte ncc 1
Masaharu Ito Crca / Team Veselka P/B Cafe Gr 1
Robbie Morris unattached 1
Lucas Huesman CT Cycling Advancement Program 1
Luke Principe Full Moon Vista 1
David Taylor CRCA /NY Vision - Fuoriclasse 1
Nicholas Baker Crca/Maglia Rosa Nyc 1
Philip Gil Novofit -Girardin 1
Anthony Cao CRCA/Foundation 1
Ansel Casper HPC 1
Eric Hueston ToWheels/EpicSportsPerformance 1
Cary Hitchcock Haywood Rd 1
Francisco Hazera Bike Rack Racing 1
Kevin Turner Team PBR p/b FindlayLaw.ca 1
Dan Lee University of Maryland-College Park 1
Cole Rasser Frazier Cycling 1
David Smith Red Barn Bicycles 1
Nate Ricketts Juniata College/la Prima Espresso 1
Don Smart Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club 1
Alexander Raimo Montclair Bikery Development Team 1
William Burns Team Integrity 1
Jim Wilson Blue Mountain Velo 1
Frank P villani Team Somerset 1
Dillon Cosper Baltimore Youth Cycling 1
Brian Kelleher Dire Wolf Racing 1
Adrian Groman Rock Creek Velo 1
Taylor Anthony Echelon Cycles 1
Gadiel Santiago Unattached 1
Mike Sleightholme Liberty Cycle 1
Thomas Gloag Vc Londres 1
George Barlow Mock Orange Bikes 1
Thomas Sheeran Action wheels 1
Matt Ferrari Stans NoTubes/Freeze Thaw Cycles 1
Linda Shin Blacksmith Cycle 1
Alan Baker Unattached 1
Paul Sims EFPR Group - TREK 1
Jon Asaro Excel racing/digging deep 1
Hawel Geronimo 0 1
Max Robins Cuevas Cycling Development 1
Vincent Lei Healthy and Happy Racing 1
Dan Goldberg Century Road Club Assoc 1
Tyler Kirkwood CTC RACING 1
Cooper Fox Bakehouse Cycling 1
Chris Lane Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team 1
Rick Becker Troegs Independent brewing/JB's Bike shop race tea 1
Bradley Saull NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 1
Chad Melton Unattached 1
William Luecke NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 1
Michael Shapanka Watchung Wheelmen 1
Marcello Rodio Montclair Bikery Racing 1
Dan Underwood Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 1
David Boyce State 9 Racing p/b Vittoria 1
Brian Trdina GPOA 1
Robert Kelly Haymarket/Starlight Custom Apparel 1
Gary Hoffman Blue Ridge Cyclery p/b Reynolds GM/Subaru 1
John Rogers Cameron Racing 1
Michael Stearns Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 1
John Spittal Thru It All Body Shop inc. 1
Mark Bartsch The Bike Zone / Dansville Colli 1
Patrick Mcgovern Campus Wheelworks 1
Stuart Joseph MVBC 1
Gene Primomo CBRC 1
Brad Helmetsie THS Cycling 1
Gale Hess Thru It All Body Shop 1
Jason Labonte 36th Street Racing 1
Thomas Emrich Genesee Valley Cycling Club 1
Hugh Browder ChristianCycling 1
William Brunner Montclair Bikery Racing 1
Christopher Koehler BRC/CRC p/b Reynolds GM/Subaru 1
Casey Clarke New England Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Management 1
Xavier Carville 0 1
Christopher Woltemade AVC / Team Hagerstown-W 1
Thomas Richeson Design Physics Racing 1
Larry Detris Cycledrome 1
Craig Leiser ActiveYards / Chester County V 1
Eric j. Carlson Wheelworks Racing 1
Harold Peeling THS Cycling 1
Connor Bell "Rocktown Bicycles / Harrisonburg 1
Alastair Pounder Dornier Racing 1
Frank Palmieri Steel Mountain Cycling 1
Alexander Mcrae Ocean Velo Club/Culver & Pierson Housing Solutions 1
Chris Welch GS MVBC 1
Stephen Gannon D.A.R.T. Fueled by Collins Quar 1
Jason Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 1
Elliot Olsen Direct Contract Packaging-Bici 1
John Daut 0 1
William Morris Whole Wheel Velo Club 1
Eric Thorek VR2209 1
Darel Christopher Pharmaco-DeepSouth p/b NGCA 1
Zachary Shine Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Spo 1
Kevin Verhoff Liberty Cycle 1
Gregory Butler Squadra Coppi 1
Scott Parks Park Ave Bike Shop 1
Michael Sambrano CRCA/GF Capital/ H&E Ent 1
Erik Olshall Clemmons Bicycle Racing 1
Nathaniel Ruhlman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 1
Samuel Fuller NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 1
Ryan Cullen Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 1
Rory O'neill CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC 1
Tom Marnell Peaks Coaching Group Racing Team 1
Scott Elliott Midweek Cycling Club 1
Bill Wahl PSRacing/BTB 1
Didier Forero #N/A 1
Ron Molinari Team 2 Cycling 1
Birk Mcgilvrey Rivet 5 - Verge 1
William Longwell Ncvc/unitedhealthcare 1
Kelly Holmes Carolina Cycling Team 1
Dariusz Tyborowski Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House 1
Derek Reeves PCP 1
Peter Miner The Bike Zone/ Dansville Collision 1
Laurent Gras Crca/foundation 1
Joshua Eisner Constellation Cycling 1
George Collins Champion City Cycling 1
Jay Owen Team Bikenetic 1
Nicholas Seleni Team Placid Planet 1
Samuel Kristy Crosshairs Cycling 1
Joshua Sayre Nugo Racing 1
Samuel Yarashus NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 1
Jimmy Maurer Tri-State Velo 1
Ken Anderson Hilton Head Cycling - Bike Dr. 1
Daniel Rabe NuGo 1
John Polak Draft & Sprocket Bicycl 1
Kevin Grimes Perimeter Roofing Racing 1
Alexander Bender Hilton Head Cycling Inc 1