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Texas NICA League • Apr 18 2021 • Various, TX
Clear, 59 degrees, wind 11 mph
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Thijs Kortekaas Dripping Springs Composite 22:38.th
2 Charlie Paris Lake Travis Middle Schools 23:17.th
3 William Schaller Steiner Ranch Composite MS 23:41.th
4 Drew Elliott Bulldog MS Composite 24:13.th
5 Luke Eads Bulldog MS Composite 24:49.th
6 Jack Schroeder Alamo Heights Mules Cycling 24:50.th
7 Brecken Birt Bulldog MS Composite 25:15.th
8 Austin Ramos Alamo Heights 25:20.th
9 Hudson Cearley Amarillo Interscholastic 26:39.th
10 Spencer Barnett Heart of Texas Composite MS 26:41.th
11 Maximiliano Aguilera West Houston Composite 26:43.th
12 Rayyan Stallmann South Metro Composite 27:05.th
13 Eli Bovenzi Alamo Heights Mules Cycling 27:17.th
14 Noah Bercen Bulldog MS Composite 27:36.th
15 Noah Dutton Houston Composite 27:51.th
16 Grayson Conner Heart of Texas Composite MS 27:59.th
17 Chase Haag Steiner Ranch Composite MS 28:06.th
18 Camden Stone Lake Travis Middle Schools 28:08.th
19 Hudson Evans Heart of Texas Composite MS 28:10.th
20 Nathan Colon Steiner Ranch MS 28:11.th
21 Cole Lammers North Texas NICA Cycling 28:15.th
22 Evan Russell North Texas NICA Cycling 28:34.th
23 Dane Smith Fort Worth Composite Middle 29:04.th
24 Sam Keenan Bulldog MS Composite 29:44.th
25 Cody Bielanski Alamo Heights 29:46.th
26 Bryce Judd Lake Travis Middle Schools 29:46.th
27 Ryder Hirsch Bulldog MS Composite 30:00.th
28 Ryan Christian Westlake MS 30:21.th
29 Ryan Bielanski Alamo Heights 30:43.th
30 Trey Harris Westlake MS 31:31.th
31 Jack Swanston Dripping Springs MS 31:35.th
32 Jack Kinsey Alamo Heights Mules Cycling 31:46.th
33 Trajan Koberg Lake Travis MS 31:47.th
34 Luke Bannister North Texas NICA Cycling 32:24.th
35 Eshaan Patel Lake Travis MS 32:50.th
36 Gavin Jackson Amarillo Interscholastic 37:44.th
37 Luis Rodriguez Alamo Heights Mules Cycling 37:49.th
38 David Ziegler Alamo Heights Mules Cycling 39:01.th
39 Kellen Buchholz St. Stephen's MS 40:21.th
40 Jack Ziegler Alamo Heights Mules Cycling 40:30.th
41 Drew Jackson Steiner Ranch Composite MS 42:22.th
42 Ian Temple Bulldog MS Composite 49:53.th
DNF Hugo Vera St. Stephens MS DNF
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Eric Nohrden Westlake MS Composite 20:19.th
2 Carson Valdes Westlake MS Composite 20:29.th
3 Gavin Hyde Bulldog MS Composite 21:10.th
4 Caden Willett TWO10 Comp MS 21:11.th
5 Ethan Stewart North Texas NICA Cycling 21:19.th
6 Max Portier Bulldog MS Composite 21:44.th
7 Grant Seade St. Stephen's MS 22:28.th
8 Carson Baker Bulldog MS Composite 22:32.th
9 Sam Coulter Westlake MS Composite 22:37.th
10 Cannon Trevelise Steiner Ranch Composite MS 22:43.th
11 Liam Bruner Bulldog MS Composite 22:44.th
12 Charlie Szczesny Bulldog MS Composite 23:15.th
13 Max Holgate Westlake MS Composite 23:24.th
14 Beckam Drake Amarillo Interscholastic 23:49.th
15 August Gleason Camacho Activity Center 24:11.th
16 Aaron Carney Amarillo Interscholastic 24:27.th
17 Ethan Jenkins Heart of Texas Composite MS 24:27.th
18 Eli Ward College Station Composite Middle 24:31.th
19 Brady Amerson North Texas NICA Cycling 24:36.th
20 Beau Campbell Heart of Texas Composite MS 24:47.th
21 Joseph Shepherd Amarillo Interscholastic 25:24.th
22 Wyatt Stringer Westlake MS 25:51.th
23 Ethan Reed West Houston Composite 25:58.th
24 Pierson Evans Heart of Texas Composite MS 26:08.th
25 Tristan Peters Amarillo Interscholastic 26:08.th
26 Gus Mcguire College Station Composite Middle 26:13.th
27 Tyler Mann South Metro Composite 26:38.th
28 Everett Perkins Lake Travis Middle Schools 26:40.th
29 Dalton Copeland Houston Comp 26:42.th
30 Carson Tenney TWO10 Comp MS 26:47.th
31 ? Keenan College Station MS 26:52.th
32 Shannon Webb Lake Travis MS 27:18.th
33 Seth Roper Highland Park Scots Cycling 27:18.th
34 Torin Rishavy Bulldog MS Composite 27:50.th
35 Timmy Best NTX Comp 27:57.th
36 Wright Clements Lake Travis Middle Schools 28:15.th
37 Grant Gordon Dripping Springs MS 28:20.th
38 Caleb Lowary Bulldog MS Composite 29:28.th
39 Hatton Jones Alamo Heights 29:37.th
40 Henry Mossor Alamo Heights 29:40.th
41 Dylan Brinckerhoff Steiner Ranch MS 29:59.th
42 Luca Duran West Houston Composite 30:31.th
43 Cade Shannon College Station Composite Middle 31:17.th
44 Garrett Patterson Hays County Comp HS 31:38.th
45 John Anz Alamo Heights Mules Cycling 31:43.th
46 Dawson Justus Lake Travis Middle Schools 35:34.th
47 Will Lawrence Highland Park Scots Cycling 42:17.th
48 Louie Walters TWO10 Comp MS 42:50.th
49 Marcio Marti Alamo Heights 46:12.th
DNF Hutt Eppes Westlake MS Composite DNF
DNF Chase Schultz Lake Travis MS DNF
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Cody Clemons Bulldog MS Composite 20:40.th
2 Aidan Hart TWO10 Comp MS 21:07.th
3 Evan Cole TWO10 Comp MS 21:29.th
4 Alexander Johnson TWO10 Comp MS 21:31.th
5 Gavin Robinson Bulldog MS Composite 21:32.th
6 Ian Hoard Bulldog MS Composite 21:43.th
7 Coby Migl Dripping Springs Composite 21:52.th
8 Adam Engeling Heart of Texas Composite MS 21:56.th
9 Maddox Conner Heart of Texas Composite MS 22:00.th
10 Rylan Parker Bulldog MS Composite 22:08.th
11 Aaron Bellm St. Stephen's MS 22:09.th
12 Nathan Douglas Dripping Springs Composite 22:15.th
13 Logan Chase College Station Composite Middle 22:19.th
14 Kelan Hooker Houston Composite 22:23.th
15 Oliver Krey Heart of Texas Composite MS 22:24.th
16 Isaac Mackie Dripping Springs Composite 22:34.th
17 Grant Frost West Houston Composite 22:37.th
18 Braden Boatright North Austin Composite MS 22:56.th
19 Archer Myers Bulldog MS Composite 23:01.th
20 Evan Leclair North Austin Composite MS 23:01.th
21 Matthew Pullmann TWO10 Comp MS 23:01.th
22 Cooper Cole West Houston Composite 23:05.th
23 Lowell Campbell Bulldog MS Composite 23:05.th
24 Carter Pierce Bulldog MS Composite 23:10.th
25 Andrew Brinkman Highland Park Scots Cycling 23:14.th
26 Jack White Highland Park 23:15.th
27 Nikolas Milanovic Highland Park Scots Cycling 23:27.th
28 Lukas Sdun NTX Comp 23:30.th
29 Andrew Wolff Bulldog MS Composite 23:33.th
30 Tj Ryan North Austin Composite MS 23:33.th
31 Ethan Mann South Metro Composite 23:38.th
32 Eli Young Highland Park Scots Cycling 23:42.th
33 Taylor Strickland Heart of Texas Composite MS 23:47.th
34 Blake Steinert TWO10 Comp MS 23:49.th
35 Michael Gearing Dripping Springs Composite 23:54.th
36 Shaun Woertink Dripping Springs MS 24:02.th
37 Cole Barrera TWO10 Comp MS 24:04.th
38 Jackson Stafford Steiner Ranch Composite MS 24:05.th
39 Ian Johnson Bulldog MS Composite 24:07.th
40 Maxwell Anderson Heart of Texas Composite MS 24:08.th
41 Cole Haven North Texas NICA Cycling 24:13.th
42 Jackson Pullmann TWO10 Comp MS 24:13.th
43 Ashton Holtman Amarillo Interscholastic 24:20.th
44 Michael Aldridge North Austin Composite MS 24:22.th
45 Keegan Ballard Dripping Springs Composite 24:23.th
46 Brock Woertink Dripping Springs MS 24:25.th
47 Henry Fleming Bulldog MS Composite 24:49.th
48 Drew Bosland Steiner Ranch Composite MS 25:09.th
49 Joe Mohn Lake Travis Middle Schools 25:17.th
50 Derek Benkowski Houston Composite 25:26.th
51 Landon Yule Lake Travis MS 25:41.th
52 Levi Hays Lake Travis Middle Schools 25:45.th
53 Ethan Trinh Steiner Ranch Composite MS 25:54.th
54 Jackson Craig Heart of Texas Composite MS 26:02.th
55 Ethan Mikolaycik Lake Travis MS 26:36.th
56 Harry Umlauff Highland Park 26:38.th
57 John Jacobs TWO10 Comp MS 27:29.th
58 Jack Bauer Lake Travis MS 27:39.th
59 Thad Bielanski Alamo Heights 27:51.th
60 Trenton Walker North Texas NICA Cycling 27:51.th
61 Hayden Landacre TWO10 Comp MS 29:46.th
62 Noah Flynn College Station MS 30:21.th
63 Creed Kouri North Austin Comp MS 30:21.th
64 Quinten Joy Bulldog MS Composite 32:12.th
65 Caelan Fleske NTX Comp 32:39.th
66 Grant Greene North Austin Comp MS 34:10.th
67 David Sammons Amarillo HS 35:19.th
68 Ryan Mulanax Steiner Ranch MS 36:17.th
69 Tyler Richter Lake Travis MS 02:40.th
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Jacob Hensley Lake Travis HS 41:14.th
2 Isaac Might Lake Travis HS 41:19.th
3 Adam Reed Bulldog HS 41:21.th
4 Sawyer Boyd Bulldog HS 41:27.th
5 Jack Winskowicz Bulldog HS 43:17.th
6 Kaiser Kothmann Bulldog HS 43:19.th
7 Paul Neiderer Westlake HS 44:21.th
8 Quinn Callaham Westlake HS 45:35.th
9 Nate Hale Lake Travis HS 45:45.th
10 Tristan Evans Lake Travis HS 46:00.th
11 Clifford Johnson Bulldog HS 46:02.th
12 Gavin Staton Lake Travis HS 47:47.th
13 Gavin Spencer Bulldog HS 47:51.th
14 Raul Moreno Bulldog HS 48:43.th
15 Keanan Butler Lake Travis HS 48:44.th
16 Kaeden Hanly Lake Travis HS 49:45.th
17 Owen Remlinger Lake Travis HS 49:51.th
18 Justin Guyah Lake Travis HS 49:51.th
19 Matthew Plummer Vandegrift HS 51:13.th
20 Jamie Ezell Lake Travis HS 52:36.th
21 Elias Cudzilo Vandegrift HS 52:39.th
22 Gavin Stubbings Vandegrift HS 54:59.th
23 Carter Luppino Vandegrift HS 55:22.th
24 Oliver Morabbi Lake Travis HS 56:04.th
25 Jack Bledsoe Lake Travis HS 07:25.th
26 Parker Kipp Lake Travis HS 12:05.th
DNF Christian Kunik Lake Travis HS DNF
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Kaden Gazur Lake Travis HS 01:15.th
2 Andrius Velez Bulldog HS 01:18.th
3 Jackson Holgate Westlake HS 03:28.th
4 ? Gabriel Stephen F Austin 04:02.th
5 Jackson Willie Bulldog HS 05:23.th
6 Ian Crane Lake Travis HS 05:50.th
7 Andreus Triant Lake Travis HS 06:03.th
8 Matthew Fisher Lake Travis HS 06:12.th
9 Liam Spencer Bulldog HS 06:25.th
10 Paul Galletti Bulldog HS 07:18.th
11 Andrew Roush Westlake HS 07:59.th
12 Liam Wangnick Westlake HS 08:55.th
13 Alan Mascorro Lake Travis HS 08:56.th
14 Jacob Ankele Bulldog HS 10:22.th
15 Alec Hoelscher Stephen F Austin 11:42.th
16 Jaxon Speedy Lake Travis HS 14:06.th
17 Jason Lauderdale Lake Travis HS 14:55.th
18 Ben Avans Stephen F Austin 15:42.th
19 Tristan Lowe Vandegrift HS 19:38.th
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Anders Bahrami Vandegrift HS 46:06.th
2 Benjamin Carroll Bulldog HS 46:08.th
3 David Mcelroy San Marco HS 47:56.th
4 Kyle Judd Lake Travis HS 47:58.th
5 Colton Engler San Marco HS 48:20.th
6 Brooks Floyd Vandegrift HS 50:12.th
7 Phillip Wangnick Westlake HS 50:49.th
8 Jack Johnson Bulldog HS 50:52.th
9 Ashley Ash Bulldog HS 52:17.th
10 Noah Contreras San Marco HS 52:57.th
11 Christopher Wyatt San Marco HS 53:17.th
12 Ian Nohrden Westlake HS 54:07.th
13 John Petrus San Marco HS 54:09.th
14 Jake Johnson Bulldog HS 55:23.th
15 Slade Fuchs Stephen F Austin 56:17.th
16 Tucker Lawson Bulldog HS 59:47.th
17 Caden Laird Bulldog HS 01:38.th
18 Pierce Smith Westlake HS 11:04.th
19 Samuel Maldonado San Marco HS xx:xx:xx
By Age: All | U20 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60+ | Custom
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Maddex Thiel Independent HS 39:13.th
2 Corbin Gudgell Houston Comp 40:35.th
3 Dillon Daskevich TWO10 MTB Racing 41:30.th
4 Caleb Goyet TWO10 MTB Racing 42:46.th
5 Colby O'brien Houston Comp 42:47.th
6 Samuel Pole vi Heart of Texas Composite HS 43:17.th
7 Joshua Harris West Houston Comp 44:06.th
8 Blake Keeling Whitehouse HS 44:49.th
9 Alex Keeling Whitehouse HS 45:00.th
10 Braxton Boyer Independent HS 45:50.th
11 Joshua Murguia Alamo Heights 46:31.th
12 Keenan Amerson NTX Comp 46:44.th
13 Gatling Inman St. Stephens HS 46:56.th
14 Cole Morgan Amarillo HS 47:34.th
15 Daniel Vick North Austin Comp HS 47:38.th
16 Aaron Vickers Whitehouse HS 48:21.th
17 Tad Cowan Houston Comp 48:30.th
18 Austin Vickers Whitehouse HS 49:16.th
19 Preston Kroon Reagan TWO10 49:58.th
20 Jackson Purtle South Metro Cyclones 50:21.th
21 Nate Sliger Heart of Texas Composite HS 51:38.th
22 George Andrews TWO10 MTB Racing 52:01.th
23 Isaac Bailey Bulldog Comp 52:13.th
24 Jack Donovan TWO10 MTB Racing 53:13.th
25 Ryan Jones NTX Comp 53:33.th
26 Gage Carroll NTX Comp 54:50.th
27 Carson Turner North Austin Comp HS 55:45.th
28 Harrison Nevitt NTX Comp 55:49.th
29 Arsh Shah Bulldog Comp 56:17.th
30 Mark Dewhirst North Austin Comp HS 56:59.th
31 Ethan Fuller NTX Comp 57:47.th
32 Kallen Knowles Midway High School 58:46.th
33 Quinn Modrzejewski NTX Comp 59:59.th
34 Robert Mayfield Independent HS 03:18.th
35 Gavin Edwards TWO10 MTB Racing 03:31.th
36 Patrick Ramsay Bulldog Comp 06:05.th
37 Zack Newman St. Stephen's HS 07:46.th
38 Christopher Tirado Hays HS 09:17.th
39 Matthew Carney Amarillo HS 14:11.th
DNF Hugh Jones Alamo Heights DNF
DNF Jack Arnold Houston Comp DNF
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Rye Christman Bulldog Comp 59:17.th
2 Cullen Darr Independent HS 59:18.th
3 Cohen Kinsey Alamo Heights 59:19.th
4 Christian Redd East Texas Fresh 01:04.th
5 Samuel Collette TWO10 MTB Racing 01:12.th
6 Tristan Schwarz Reagan TWO10 01:32.th
7 Colby Crow Midway High School 01:33.th
8 Luke Duvall Dripping Springs HS 01:46.th
9 Isaac Engeling Midway High School 02:19.th
10 Wesley Haase Reagan TWO10 02:40.th
11 Beckett Sharp Bulldog Comp 02:49.th
12 Kai Blankner College Station Comp 03:15.th
13 Monty Pomykal Heart of Texas Composite HS 05:05.th
14 Luke O'brien North Austin Comp HS 05:19.th
15 Vaughn Davis Hays HS 05:58.th
16 Caleb Cole West Houston Comp 06:24.th
17 Zane Beyer West Houston Comp 06:24.th
18 Juan Carlos flores North Austin Comp HS 07:00.th
19 Isaac Martin North Austin Comp HS 07:29.th
20 Luke Schniederjan Amarillo HS 07:31.th
21 Benjamin Rotter South Metro Cyclones 09:27.th
22 Dylan Strickland Heart of Texas Composite HS 09:59.th
23 Leighton Edwards TWO10 MTB Racing 10:53.th
24 Jackson Shannon A&M Consolidated 11:56.th
25 Will Moser Alamo Heights 13:09.th
26 Josh Zimmerman Amarillo HS 13:39.th
27 Daniel Worley College Station Comp 15:33.th
28 Jacob Lewis Amarillo HS 18:46.th
29 Braden Stutts College Station Comp 46:20.th
DNF Cavin Cardenas TWO10 MTB Racing DNF
DNF Matthew Hamsa North Austin Comp HS DNF
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Daniel Musquiz Laredo Comp HS 39:17.th
2 Lawson Vick East Texas Fresh 42:13.th
3 Cade Stovall East Texas Fresh 42:53.th
4 Iker Jaimes Laredo Comp HS 43:16.th
5 Alejandro De leon TWO10 MTB Racing 43:52.th
6 Kamden Miller TWO10 MTB Racing 45:02.th
7 Thomas Kerr Highland Park 45:28.th
8 Ian Wietstruck West Houston Comp 45:57.th
9 Marco Contreras Houston Comp 46:07.th
10 Hank Martin North Austin Comp HS 47:21.th
11 Caden Lebato College Station Comp 47:29.th
12 Austin Melendrez Amarillo HS 47:31.th
13 Shane Cole TWO10 MTB Racing 48:28.th
14 Benjamin Snowden Alamo Heights 49:03.th
15 Levi Lasswell Alamo Heights 49:17.th
16 John Cairns College Station Comp 50:53.th
17 Callan Spence Independent HS 50:59.th
18 Samuel Rodriguez Hays HS 51:00.th
19 Brandon Topf A&M Consolidated 51:03.th
20 Ian Boche East Texas Fresh 52:07.th
21 Brent Kanak TWO10 MTB Racing 53:08.th
22 Brendon Skarren Hays County Comp HS 54:45.th
23 David Everett Houston Comp 55:43.th
24 Brock O'neal College Station Comp 55:55.th
25 Ryan Topf A&M Consolidated 57:12.th
26 Robby Farrell Hays County Comp HS 57:38.th
27 Shane Irwin TWO10 MTB Racing 58:17.th
28 Aiden Schupbach Hays County Comp HS 59:43.th
29 Blake Burk Midway High School 05:13.th
30 Charles Cintron West Houston Comp 06:14.th
31 Austin Duke Hays HS 07:57.th
32 Andrew Anderson Hays HS 11:14.th
DNF Jacob Jones Heart of Texas Composite HS DNF
DNF Garrett Nalle St. Stephens HS DNF
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Ethan Welling Independent HS 13:04.th
2 Luke Pharis Stephen F Austin 16:30.th
3 Aidan Kane Alamo Heights 16:59.th
4 Dylan Schlageter Lake Travis HS 17:01.th
5 Jorge Carzo St. Stephens HS 22:27.th
6 Jose Antonio Laredo Comp HS 22:34.th
7 Matthew Nohrden Westlake HS 23:17.th
8 Greyson Offermann Bulldog Comp 23:21.th
9 Logan Poore Bulldog Comp 23:41.th
10 John Yim Dripping Springs HS 27:16.th
11 Jonathan Flores North Austin Comp HS 29:17.th
12 Walker Lenamon Lake Travis HS 30:21.th
13 Mitchell Duque Lake Travis HS 33:13.th
14 Brady Butner Vandegrift HS 35:32.th
15 Ryder Kutach East Texas Fresh 35:34.th
16 Jack Mccarty Steiner Ranch HS 35:36.th
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Reese Walker Bulldog MS Composite 23:54.th
2 Celeste Sandoval TWO10 Comp MS 24:30.th
3 Caroline Price Bulldog MS Composite 28:11.th
4 Hannah Hale Lake Travis MS 28:47.th
5 Kaleah Duggan Steiner Ranch MS 28:56.th
6 Madelyn Hill College Station MS 29:56.th
7 Caylee Melek Amarillo HS 33:17.th
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By Category: All | Custom
Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Sabrina Wolff Bulldog MS Composite 27:01.th
2 Rowan Engeling Heart of Texas Composite MS 27:02.th
3 Aria Koberg Lake Travis MS 27:27.th
4 Anaya Bynum Hays County Comp HS 28:40.th
5 Jenna Leclair North Austin Comp MS 29:43.th
6 Isabella Taylor Lake Travis MS 30:04.th
7 Avril Dominguez Laredo Comp MS 30:41.th
8 Riley Guthrie North Austin Comp MS 30:57.th
9 Amelia Mcroberts Westlake MS 30:57.th
10 Allegra Koberg Lake Travis MS 31:07.th
11 Sarah Hopkins Houston Comp 37:26.th
By Age: All | U20 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60+ | Custom
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Lisa Kortekaas Dripping Springs MS 25:36.th
2 Calleigh Martin Westlake MS 26:11.th
3 Alexa Bowers TWO10 Comp MS 26:31.th
4 Kate Shepherd Amarillo HS 26:42.th
5 Meghan Sansome Alamo Heights 29:50.th
6 Landry Bowling NTX Comp 37:33.th
By Age: All | U20 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60+ | Custom
By Category: All | Custom
Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Sara Shannon NTX Comp 45:55.th
2 Josie Cowan Houston Comp 49:18.th
3 Reilley Jones Houston Comp 49:46.th
4 Willow Kutach East Texas Fresh 50:21.th
5 Vivian Cardenas TWO10 MTB Racing 50:28.th
6 Grace Woods Lake Travis HS 52:40.th
7 Terese Martens Heart of Texas Composite HS 53:48.th
8 Meghan Chia St. Stephens HS 54:46.th
9 Alyssa Candanosa Hays County Comp HS 55:30.th
10 Jocelyn Gibbons TWO10 MTB Racing 02:29.th
11 Annabella Wagner San Marco HS 03:41.th
12 Callie Mclain Amarillo HS 05:03.th
13 Samantha Garofolo Dripping Springs HS 07:55.th
14 Sophia Granados Laredo Comp HS 20:29.th
By Age: All | U20 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60+ | Custom
By Category: All | Custom
Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Madelyn Teshler Lake Travis HS 46:00.th
2 Emily Urista Lake Travis HS 46:43.th
3 Caroline Daskevich Alamo Heights 48:09.th
4 Alexa Kroon Reagan TWO10 48:40.th
5 Kalena Engeling Midway High School 54:47.th
6 Ezrie Camp South Metro Cyclones 58:08.th
7 Kelly Hovis NTX Comp 58:58.th
8 Margaret Stivers North Austin Comp HS 00:06.th
By Age: All | U20 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60+ | Custom
By Category: All | Custom
Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Gabriela Reed West Houston Comp 51:20.th
2 Ella Maxwell A&M Consolidated 53:19.th
3 Madison Evans Heart of Texas Composite HS 55:24.th
4 Emma Esquivel West Houston Comp 58:56.th
5 Claire Eliaz San Marco HS 59:30.th
6 Brenna Eliaz San Marco HS 59:52.th
7 Rachel Puente Hays HS 59:57.th
8 Melanie Reyes Laredo Comp HS 02:58.th
9 Laurel Brumbelow A&M Consolidated 06:22.th
10 Jessie Beck San Marco HS 16:29.th
11 Analisa De leon Hays HS 21:16.th
By Age: All | U20 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60+ | Custom
By Category: All | Custom
Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Samantha Campbell Lake Travis HS 06:53.th
2 Marianne Bautista Laredo Comp HS 08:43.th
3 Emma Calvert TWO10 MTB Racing 09:23.th
4 Abigail Yates NTX Comp 09:56.th
5 Bella Ramsay Bulldog Comp 12:30.th
6 Idania Dominguez Laredo Comp HS 23:39.th