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Augusta Training Series • Jun 16 2015 • Augusta, NJ
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Dan Whitehead Vertical Earth
2 Peter Fowler Skylands Cycling
3 Stephen Charron Liberty Cycle Inc.
4 Kevin Kennedy Century Road Club Assoc
5 Chris Santalucia
DNF Jebiue Smiley Vertical Earth Teammate Win: Dan Whitehead
DNF Christopher Byrne
DNF Clemson Smith Team Highlands Xtreme
DNF Scott Raschke Liberty Cycle Inc. Teammate Top 5: Stephen Charron
DNF Matthew Shea Somerset Wheelmen
DNF Jeff Silvernick Vertical Earth Teammate Win: Dan Whitehead
DNF Steven Hendricks Virginia Beach Wheelmen
DNF Aidan Duffy Somerset Wheelmen
DNF Benjamin Jogodnik
DNF George Uhlir Skylands Cycling Teammate Top 5: Peter Fowler
DNF Miles Whitford Team Montclair Bikery
DNF Robert Perlee Jaeger Wheelmen
DNF Ben Douglas
DNF Jennifer Magur Team Highlands Xtreme
DNF Michael Murray
DNF Perry Andre Somerset Wheelmen
Finishers: Cat 2: 1   Cat 3: 1   Cat 4: 12   Cat 5: 4   Cat ?: 3