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Cascade Cycling Classic - Stage 4 • Jul 23 2017 • Bend, OR
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Pl First NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Dillon Hollinger Cycle Sport - Specialized p/b Muscl 2:29:59
2 Justin Thompson SquadraSF p/b Terun 2:29:59
3 Nigel Kinney Langlois Brown Racing 2:30:05
4 Spencer Downing Panache Houndstooth Racing 2:30:22
5 Charlie Velez Data Driven Athlete 2:30:26
6 Gianni Lamperti Team Swift 2:30:28
7 Kevin Callahan Limelight 2:30:30
8 Jason Paez SC Velo 2:30:33
9 Allan Schroeder Team UpCycle 2:30:35
10 Daniel Lincoln Hosmer Chiro-RPM Home Mortgage 2:30:35
11 Griffin Park Canyon Bicycles 2:30:39
12 Matthew Traceycook Herbalife p/b Marc Pro-Nature's Bak 2:30:39
13 Wilson Tran Langlois Brown Racing 2:30:41 Teammate Top 5: Nigel Kinney
14 Kevin Festini SDBC/EMERALD TEXTILES p/b UC Cycler 2:30:41
15 Colin Kalescky Athlete Octane Racing 2:30:43
16 Michael Nightingale GS Panache 2:30:46
17 Gary Warner OTR Racing 2:30:48
18 Matthew Rowe Team Cycleton 2:31:16
19 Corbin Hudacek Shuksan Velo Club 2:31:21
20 Nathanael Dunn Data Driven Athlete Racing 2:32:09 Teammate Top 5: Charlie Velez
21 Scott Wannop Mighty Cycling 2:32:42
22 Justin Poulson SJBC 2:33:49
23 Kellen Viznaugh Smart Savvy+ Garneau 2:35:35
24 Clark Smithson Tenspeed Hero 2:41:01
25 Christopher Bagg HPChiro-RPM Mortgage 2:41:09
26 Brendan Sheerin Hutch's Slocum Co-Motion 2:41:09
27 Leigh Thurgood Tenspeed Hero 2:41:15
28 Kelsey Backen Team Bobs-Bicycles.com 2:41:21
29 Erik Brockhoff Cicada Racing Inc. 2:41:22
30 Preston Weeks Caliber SBR 2:41:25
31 Ryan Golbeck Mighty Cycling 2:41:26
32 Dustin Denton Michael David Winery/ Delta Velo 2:43:31
33 Jake Marasco Go Fast - Incycle 2:46:27
34 Troy Duppenthaler Krayki Sports 2:48:41
35 Eric Bryan La Grange Development U21 2:49:12
36 Jason Elder Team UpCycle 2:49:27
37 Paul Hynes Therapeutic Associates of Central O 2:50:56
38 Christian Molina Endo Concept Team 2:51:06
39 Mark Severy Adventure's Edge 2:53:12
40 Grant Headley Swift Racing PDX p/b 21st ave bicyc 2:54:22
41 Julian Soh Audi 2:56:27
42 Zachary Woy The Phoenix Cyclery-Orbea 2:57:11
43 Josiah Poler Bandit Elite Racing 3:01:09
44 Kevin Whitford xXx Racing-Athletico 3:02:29
45 John Snapp Scvelo 3:05:14
46 Nicholas Wirski Athlete Octane 3:05:18
47 Jove Graham Metier Coffee and Racing 3:09:08
DNF Austin Guyette Apex Racing
DNF Kyle Berg Athlete Octane Racing
DNF Brannan Fix The Phoenix Cyclery - Orbea
DNF Ben Laforce xXx Racing - Athletico
DNF Daniel Cobley Big Orange
DNF Zachary Morrison Athlete Octane
DNF Christian De groot SDBC/EMERALD TEXTILES p/b UC Cycler
DNF Keaton Rich Caliber|SBR
DNF Tobias Deardorff Athlete Octane Racing
DNF Maxim Ellison Victoria Wheelers
DNF Michael Baldus Metier Racing
DNF Timmy Bauer Williams Cycling
DNF Aston Woy The Phoenix Cyclery-Orbea
DNF Scott Morris Village VW Cycling Team
DNF Stephen Bedford HCH-RPM
DNF Aaron Baker xXx Racing - Athletico
DNF Zhaolong Wu Team Oregon
DNF Peter Aster Hope Sports Cycling
DNF Travis Furman Denver Fit Loft
DNF Cristian Fuentes Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b P
DNF Zach Shone Athlete Octane Racing
DNF Mark Lovlien Sturtevants-Limelight Hotel Cycling
DNF Zachary Schoenfelder Team Bobs-Bicycles.com
DNF Jackson Bocksnick Victoria Wheelers
DNF Christopher Flower Data Driven Athlete Racing Teammate Top 5: Charlie Velez
DNF Juan Garibay Go Fast - Incycle
DNF Andrew Frank
DNF John Novikoff Data Driven Athlete Racing Teammate Top 5: Charlie Velez
DNF Brendan Bengtson Athlete Octane Racing
DNF Brian Kohagen Rolling H Cycles
DNF Benjamin Rathkamp San Diego Bicycle Club
DNF Alexander Deroche��� La Grange Development U21
DNF Christopher Carter
DNF Terence Traughber Portland Bicycle Studio
DNF Anthony Broadman Evolution Racing
DNF Zack Jensen Phoenix Cyclery - Orbea U23
DNF Brian Oconnor OTR Racing
DNF Tyler Aquino Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood
DNF Jake Taylor Davis Bike Club Elite Team
DNF Drew Kogon VC La Grange
DNF Luis Rodriguez Denver Fit Loft
DNF Travis Retzer Data Driven Athlete Racing Teammate Top 5: Charlie Velez
DNF Bill Booth Monton TM Racing
DNF Justin Homewood Langlois Brown Racing Teammate Top 5: Nigel Kinney
DNF Mark Sherman Langlois Brown Racing Teammate Top 5: Nigel Kinney
DNF ? Max Denver Fit Loft
DNF Conor Martin TaG cycling race team
DNF Thomas Mcdonagh BYRDS
DNF Evan Christenson
DNF Devon Moonie Heist Cycling Team
DNF Andrew Levitt Tieni Duro Junior Cycling
DNF Stuart Watson Cycle Sport - Specialized p/b Muscl Teammate Win: Dillon Hollinger
Finishers: Cat 2: 59   Cat 3: 30   Cat ?: 11